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Mind Body Fitness for Peak Performance

  • We all want to achieve success in life and without Mind Body Fitness, we can not achieve it.


  • The external world success rests on three pillars of Fame+Power+Money. We do our best to achieve it.


  • The internal world success depends on Peace+Self Awareness+Self Control.


  • Internal and external world are connected and with award winning training program of Dr. Arvinder Singh you will achieve the desired goals in your life.


  • Dr. Arvinder Singh is Gold Medalist Postgraduate Medical Doctor, First and only Medical Doctor Goldmedalist MBA from IIM, Diploma from Oxford UK. He received national award and state award for invention of Human Intelligence Enhancement Tool known as Seven Effective Thinking Patterns (SETP).


  • He is national level motivational and keynote speaker. He is very passionate to work on Human Intelligence as mind trainer, creativity trainer and also work on Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence.
  • Following are the different facets of work :  

Physically fit and attractive body is first milestone of mind body fitness.

Get yourself in shape by proper training on weight management by exercise chart and diet plans of Dr Arvinder Singh .

If you want to build the muscular body of your choice. You can safely try medical supplements under guidance of postgraduate medical doctor.

Seven Effective Thinking Patterns (SETP) is registered national award training program. It trains different seven faculties of mind. It is proven to enhance the operational intelligence by 30% or above in 40 hours of training.

Creativity and Innovation is the winning edge of current competitive era. In CreativeHeights program you will learn to enhance creativity by many folds.

Emotional Intelligence also known as Emotional Quotient is a must for any human mind. It can prove the key to success or way to disaster.

EmotioHeights program will train your emotional intelligence for peak performance in your life.

Spirituality is the goal. If we see Hindu mythology then also Dharma, Arth, Kaam Moksha are the four pillars of human birth.

With help of guided interactive meditation techniques, we will help you to achieve the spiritual heights which will help you to achieve peace, self awareness and clarity of mind.

We Provide Ultimate Mind Body Fitness

Mind Body Fitness entails Physical fitness, Intelligence Enhancement (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

                    Get Ready for holistic development

Be Genius

Every mind has the potential to be genius and improve. Our government registered national award winning program of  Seven Effective Thinking Patterns (SETP) guarantee to provide you better intelligence and perception.


EmotioHeights is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions which can result in great decision making, performance and building effective relationships


“Innovate or Evaporate” is the mantra for the current century. Get your mind trained for idea generation and innovation by certified tools. We guarantee your mind to be creative and capable of out of box thinking to many folds by our patented training.

Mind/Brain Mapping

Get map of your mind by scientific qEEG technique. Judge your capability set by help of mind map and take informed decisions in your life for ultimate success.


Body Building

No matter what your body type is everyone is capable to get a good physique and remarkable body. But before starting to work out for it, it is necessary that we know the proper process to do that because when we talk about health, we cannot afford any problem in it.



The existence of our body is defined by our soul. We might be fit physically and mentally but if we aren’t fit spiritually, we will always be one step away from success.


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You can be as creative as Picasso

Creativity and Innovation is Trainable

Out of Box Thinking is a skill and can be learned. It is contrary to the belief that creativity is God Gift. With latest studies, it is well proven that idea generation and innovative capabilities can be trained and can be increased to many folds.

The salient and unique features of our training program are listed below:

  • Pre and Post Training Creativity Score on Certified Scale
  • Guaranteed 30% or above improvement in Idea Generation and Innovation
  • 12+ Certified Creativity Tools
  • Gold CreativeHeights Course of 8 Hours
  • Platinum CreativeHeights Course of 16 Hours

Trainer for Brands

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