3D Aura Reading Help in Pranic Healing

How Does 3D Aura Reading Information Help in Pranic Healing Therapy?

We all human beings have physical body and energy body. Our physical body and energy body are interconnected. It means if your one body is affected then another body will also get affected. Energy body has aura and chakras (energy centers). Many physical diseases have the root causes in an energy body. We can know the causes of many of our life problems by seeing aura and can get the solution by pranic healing.

3D Aura Reading and Pranic Healing

However, it is not easy for an ordinary person to see the aura. So, now how can we get all these information?

The good news is that in current technology savvy world, now it has become possible for people to see their aura and chakras clearly by 3D aura photography. Dr. Arvinder Singh has introduced 3D aura chakra photography with the advanced 3D Kirlian camera, First time in Rajasthan, India.  It is the latest and best technology for accurate aura reading. Moreover, this latest aura 3D aura reading method will also help to aura readers and pranic healers to identify the problem areas.

What Can We Know by 3D Aura Reading?

3D Aura Photography

We can now understand many things by 3D aura reading. By 3D aura reading, we can also know the imbalance of energies or energy congestion. Aura is an early warning system for any disease in the physical, mental or emotional body. Moreover, the aura also contains information about our nature, personality type, best career option, energy level, right life partner match, etc. We can protect ourselves and improve our energy level through pranic healing.

Information by 3D Aura Reading/ 3D Kirlian Photography

  • Identify energy blockages
  • Identify the root causes of diseases
  • 3D aura reading identifies physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy balance
  • Identify the stress level
  • 360-degree view of aura and chakras
  • Your relationship with others
  • Attraction of others towards you
  • 3D kirlian photography shows your skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses in aura analysis report

3D Aura Photography Results

What is Pranic Healing? How Can it Help to Restore Energy Balance?

Pranic healing is popular as energy healing, spiritual healing, aura healing, or psychic healing. It is an ancient natural healing method. Pranic healing is no touch and no drug therapy. It utilizes a universal energy or life force energy to heal various physical and psychological illnesses. Pranic healing works on energy body. This spiritual healing method removes the negative energies, improves energy flow and also strengthens the aura and chakras. Pranic healing is a simple and powerful aura healing method that gives immediate benefits to the patients. This energy healing method also reduces stress, anxiety, pain and promotes mind-body-soul relaxation.

3D Aura Reading Help in Pranic Healing

Pranic healing works on two fundamental principles. First is our body has a natural ability to heal itself. In order to do so, the body requires life force energy or universal energy. Second is energies can be transformed. Negative results can be transformed into positive such as stress into the peace of mind, illness into wellbeing, poor relationships or weak bonds into healthy relationships or strong bonds.

3D Kirlian Photography or 3D Aura Photography Makes Pranic Healing Easier

With the help of 3D aura reading, Pranic healers and aura readers can save the time and can give fast relief to the patients. 3D kirlian photography provides the entire aura and chakras analysis report with graphs, colored images and description. This aura analysis report helps in pranic healing process.  Pranic healers can understand which one of the energy chakras is weak and is creating problems. Pranic healers and aura readers can identify the obstacles easily by 3D aura reading. The pranic healers can also use this information to know the pin areas which require attention. They can give effective pranic healing treatment to the patients with the help of 3D aura photography.

Benefits by 3D Aura Reading

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