How Much Do You Know About Yourself?

Do You Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses?

Do You Know About Your Personality Type & Characteristics?

Which Profession Suits You The Best?

Do You Know Who Can Be Your Perfect Life Partner?

Do You Know What Are The Things Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals? 

Are You Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually Healthy?

You Can Know Everything By Aura Reading
Aura Reading by 3D Aura Photography
What is the Human Aura?
All matter in the universe is made up of the energy. Human aura is an electromagnetic force that surrounds the physical body. In the photos we have seen white or yellow light behind god, which shows their aura. Every person has a unique aura like fingerprints. It contains entire blueprint of the life. You may believe it or not, but it exists. People who have the higher level of consciousness can perceive and see it. You can see your aura and know many unknown things about yourself by 3D aura photography with advanced kirlian camera.

How Does Your Aura Look Like in 3D Aura Photography? 

Aura Color, Aura Size and Chakras
The aura color, aura size or aura power and chakras color of each human are totally unique. Our aura size reflects how much energy we radiate around us. Research says that it can extend up to nine feet beyond our physical body. Human aura color shows the personality type and characteristics of the person. Each of the seven chakras is associated with one of the glands, nerve centers and major organs of the body. You can easily know about your aura color, aura power and chakras’ energy by aura reading.

What is Your Aura Color ? Know by 3D Aura Photography

Human Aura Power
Positive human aura keeps negative thoughts and negative emotions away, which can drain our energy and make us emotionally weak. People who have positive aura are very charming, and they also easily attract other people towards them. On the other side, People with weak aura are not liked by others. Positive human aura has many benefits. A positive human aura  gives good health, strength, positive energy, success, internal peace and happiness. You can easily get positive aura by aura healing or pranic healing process.

Check Your Aura Power by 3D Aura Photography

3D Aura Photography: Discover Your Aura

Aura Power by 3D Aura Photography
See Your Aura and Get Many Details by 3D Aura Photography
  • Get aura photo of your face and the body with explanation
  • Check your aura color, aura power and aura wave
  • Get information about the size and the shape of your chakras with description
  • Check your relaxation level by 3D aura photography.
  • See how much emotionally strong you are
  • Check your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy balance
  • Check your male-female energy balance through Yin-Yang color wheel
  • Know mind-body-spirit energy distribution through 3D aura Photography
  • Get complete visual image of your chakra system through chakra bar graph
  • Know about your strengths and weakness by human 3D aura photography
  • Identify and release energy blocks through aura reading
“The More You Know Yourself, The More Clarity There is.”
3D Kirlian Photography for Aura Reading in Rajasthan, India by
Dr. Arvinder Singh
Aura Reading can help you to become a better person. You can get solutions to many problems by the aura photography report. You can know about your mind-body-soul energy distribution, relaxation level, chakras energy level, male-female energy balance, and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy balance.  Previously, only kirlian photography was available. Dr. Arvinder Singh has brought  3D Kirlian photography for aura reading,  first time in Rajasthan, India, which produces high quality aura images. In this modern human aura reading method, people also get suggestion for aura improvement.