Functioning of Chakras by Aura Chakra Reading

Significance of Aura Chakra Reading to Live a Healthy Life

An Aura Chakra reading is the best method to gain insights regarding physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This human energy reading method is the foundation for many healing techniques. By aura chakra reading we can know about our strengths, weaknesses, mind-body-soul balance and many other things. It also helps to identify the areas where improvement is needed.

If you are not aware of the chakras, aura and human energy system then this post is helpful for you to understand their importance in our life.

Your Chakras Affect Your Everyday Life

Aura Chakra Reading in India

There are 7 major chakras (energy centers) in our body through which universal energy or life force energy flows through. There are also some minor chakras as well as some higher chakras, but these seven chakras are the most important for our health.  We can also work on these chakras to achieve the things we desire in life. All The seven chakras are connected to body organs, mind and our spirit. These chakras support us in all areas of our life such as in career selection, career growth, relationship, financial growth, health, wellbeing, etc.

We may face various issues such as psychological issues, physical issues, mental issues, etc. because of blocked and overactive chakras. In both the cases, problems and diseases are more prone to occur. Balancing of chakras is required in both the cases for optimal functioning of our body.

Aura Chakra reading helps to identify the overactive and blocked chakras. If one of the seven chakras is not functioning properly then the other chakras also will not function well.

Chakras with Function by Aura Chakra Reading

Let’s have a look at the functioning of all chakras.

Functioning of Chakras 

Each chakra has some specific physical, emotional, energetic, emotional and spiritual characteristics. By aura chakra reading you can know about all these things.

Root Chakra – (Location: Base of the Spine, Color: Red)

Root Chakra Function by Aura Chakra Reading

The primary function of this chakra is to give vitality to the human body.  Root chakra plays an important role in basic survival processes such as food, family, security, money, financial independence, etc. When the chakra is balanced we feel safe and secure.

Sacral Chakra – (Location:  Lower abdomen Above Two Inches below the Navel, Color: Orange)

Function of Sacral Chakra by Aura Chakra Reading

This chakra deals with pleasure, enjoyment, abundance, and sexuality. When this chakra is balanced we feel passionate, creative and able to enjoy pleasure.

Solar Plexus Chakra – (Location: Upper Abdomen / Stomach Area, Color: Yellow)

Function of Solar Plexus Chakra by Aura Chakra Reading

This chakra gives us the energy to make the right decisions that lead us to our goals. Balanced Solar Plexus chakra generates confidence, self-esteem, positive mental attitude and self-worth within us.

Heart Chakra – (Location: Just Above the Heart, Center of the Chest, Color: Green)

Function of Heart Chakra by Aura Chakra Reading

Heart Chakra is important for our inner health and happiness. It deals with love, joy, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and attachment with others.

Throat Chakra – (Location: The Throat, Color: Blue)

Function of Throat Chakra by Aura Chakra reading

This chakra helps us to communicate with authenticity and also to influence others.

Third-Eye Chakra – (Location: On the Forehead between the Eyes, Color: Indigo)

Function of Third Eye Chakra by Aura Chakra Reading

It deals with insight, intuition, intellect, wisdom, imagination and also helps in decision making. Balanced Third Eye chakra promotes clear thinking and keeps us focused.

Crown Chakra- (Location: At the Top of the Head, Color:  Violet)

Function of Crown Chakra by Aura Chakra Reading

This chakra helps to make a connection with the divine source, universal consciousness or God. Balanced Crown chakra gives us the feeling of peacefulness, empowered and completeness.

How Does Aura Chakra Reading Beneficial For Us?

Functioning of Chakras by Aura Chakra Reading

In the current era, it has become incredibly difficult to keep the chakras balanced. We all are living a busy lifestyle and not getting adequate time for ourselves. Due to this, many of us are also suffering from physical, mental and emotional problems.

Aura Chakra reading is the very helpful method through which we can identify the root cause of our problems. At the same time, we can start working on the problem areas and can improve our overall health. We can identify and release energy blockages by aura chakra reading.

3D Aura Photography for Seeing Chakras and Aura

3D Aura Photography in India for Aura Chakra Reading

There is great news. 3D aura photography has been introduced in India by Dr. Arvinder Singh. 3D aura photography is very helpful for accurate aura chakra reading.  3D aura photography generates 3D aura chakra analysis report with clear images of all chakras, aura color, aura power also with description and improvement suggestions. You can know what your aura and chakras are telling to you by seeing the 3d aura chakra report. You can take corrective actions to make them function better than ever. A person can find out the strong areas and the problem areas through aura chakra reading.

I really hope this blog has helped you to have a better understanding of the functioning of the chakras as well as how aura chakra reading can help in balancing of chakras. To know more about the aura and chakras, kindly read the other posts available on this website.

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