3D Aura Photography is Beneficial in Aura Healing

How Does 3D Kirlian Photography Help in Effective Aura Healing?

Aura healing method has become the most recent trend in health and fitness industry. In foreign countries, many people are already taking help of aura healing technique to stay happy, disease-free and stress-free. In India, people are still not familiar with the aura and the benefits of the aura healing method. The main purpose of this blog is to tell the benefits of aura healing in human life.

Before talking about aura healing, let me give a short introduction of aura.

Aura Healing by 3D Aura Photography

Aura – Human Energy System

According to scientific research, it has been proved that aura is a protective shield that connects the physical body with the external world. There is also scientific evidence that an electromagnetic field is present around our physical body that provides protection to the body from physical and psychological diseases.  This energy field is known as human aura. All human beings have an aura. Aura can be also positive or negative.

Human Aura Healing

Energies play a vital role. We are made up of energies and surrounded by different energies. Every day, we come in contact with many people who have positive or negative auric energies. We also exchange our energies with those people even though we do not want to do it intentionally. If extensive negative energies come in contact with our aura then our aura becomes weak, dull and narrow.

The root cause of many physical, psychological and mental problems is also a weak aura. Doctors prescribe medicines that only work on the physical body. Hence, by this we only get temporary relief from the problems. However, the problems can also come later because the seed of diseases is still present in the energy body.

Aura Healing to Get Protection from Negative Energies

3D Aura Photography in Aura Healing

We cannot see oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases in the air but they exist. Similarly, we cannot see positive or negative energies with our naked eyes. However, they also exist. We can protect ourselves from harmful negative energies by aura healing technique. The aura healer guides us to get the positive energies through different methods. Aura healing is also helpful to remove the diseases from the root.

What is Aura Healing Exactly?

3D Kirlian Photography Supports in Aura Healing

Aura healing is a process where the aura healer removes the negative energies and energy blockages. In this energy healing technique, the aura healer works to strengthen the energy system – the aura and the chakras. Aura healing is a self-healing process. The aura healer guides you on how to obtain energy balance.  The aura healer also provides you guidance about how you can increase the flow of universal energy (life force energy) through energy channels.

Benefits of Aura Healing

Benefits of Aura Healing

  • Our aura strength is increased by aura healing process.
  • The individual feels positive, confident, vibrant, motivated, and happiness after the aura healing process.
  • Healthy aura also makes you stress-free, mindful, calm and energetic.
  • This natural healing process removes the diseases from their root.
  • After this energy healing session, the individual gets energy balance.

3D Kirlian photography Makes Aura Healing More Effective

3D Aura Photography is Beneficial in Aura Healing

3D Kirlian photography or 3D aura chakra photography is the best way to know the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health status of a person. In 3D aura photography you get energy balance report in 3D view . This modern aura photography method is now available in Rajasthan, India. Dr. Arvinder Singh has brought this advanced 3D aura imaging technology with the 3D Kirlian camera, the first time in Rajasthan. 3D Kirlian photography gives complete details of our energy system. By 3D Kirlian photography, the person can know about the aura color, aura power, aura wave, and details about all chakras. The aura reader can tell many things about the past, present, and future of the person by 3D aura chakra analysis report.

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