Integrate your right and left-brain for best synergistic performance.

Internationally Published, Researched and Certified Tool for Intelligence Enhancement

Mind shows different Patterns while thinking as proven in latest researches by functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) and Brain wave analysis. The patterns can be positive or negative.

After intensive exploration by international psychologies and neuroscience experts, it is found that broadly seven patterns are recognized. These 7 Patterns lead to optimum utilization and best output of mind.

Systematic consistent practice of these patterns can catapult mind to genius level. Anybody can be trained to apply these patterns and improve performance.

Career Selection

The career we choose today, decides our fate. Learn how to choose best career and at the same time get best of what we are doing now.

Academic Excellence

Improve your grade and performance developing insight and understanding of subject.

Decision Making

Your decision deices your destiny. Learn to take effective decision and be the master of your future life.

Money Resource Optimization

Learn to manage the great power of money. Be the master of Wealth not slave. Understand the value and science behind wealth creation.

Problem Solving

It is impossible to have problem free life. Get yourself empowered to deal with problems and find efficient solutions.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn to harness the power of emotions. Acquire the power to guide your emotions rather than emotions guiding you.

Information Overload

Information is huge in current internet era. Grab the art of handling and choosing right information and avoid in ocean of information.

Effective Communication

Impress others by clear communication with help of clear thoughts. Crack interviews and group discussions with confidence.

Friend Selection

Learn to select good friends. It will transform your surrounding and your life.

Improve Your Relationships

Good relations are key to happiness. Learn how to avoid conflict and learn parallel thinking for harmonious relationship.