How to Become Successful and Productive

Six Effective Steps to Become Successful and More Productive

Many people are dissatisfied with their income, status, and lifestyle. People like to become successful however most of the people do not know how they can achieve success easily.

How to Become Successful and Productive

Actually, it is not difficult to become successful. People just need to follow 6 simple steps which are explained here in this blog to become rich and successful.

First, you need to identify the root cause of unsuccessful life.

Major Difference between Successful and Unsuccessful People

The Perception, attitude and the background of the person are some factors which contribute to success. Perception is an important factor which means people use their sensory impressions in order to judge things. Perception is developed through past experiences of related event and interest of the person. This is the reason people behave differently in the same situation.

Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

Suppose, in past when you gave a public speech the first time and the audience appreciated your speech and you had similarly good experiences of public speaking then in future also you will look forward to public speaking.

On the other hand, suppose your brother had bad experiences of public speaking then he will make perception that he cannot speak in front of the public.

Stimuli and situation are two factors which work as inputs in creating a perception. Two persons reacted differently in the same situation because one got good favorable past responses and other person got unfavorable past responses.

Sometimes the perception of a person does not allow him to try essential things.

Self-change is a solution to change perception

Attitude is another essential factor. Successful people have a positive attitude. A positive attitude means successful people learn from their mistakes and work with dedication to improvement. The people who have a negative attitude do blame others for their failure and criticize the success of others. Therefore, people with a negative attitude only waste their time and energy in doing unproductive things.

Background of the person is the third vital factor. Our background influences our thoughts, behavior, and interest. Background means family, friends, and people with whom we spend most of our time.

For example, generally we have seen that children of doctors make their career in medical field, children of politician make their career in political field because child’s interest is influenced by his parent’s occupation.

Our behavior, interest, and thoughts are also influenced by our friend circle. Hence, a person should spend time will creative, productive and successful people for understanding and acquiring good qualities from them.

These three factors are responsible for the success of a person.

Become Successful

Now we are taking you to 6 simple steps to become successful. By following these powerful tips you can easily achieve success in life.

6 Creative Steps to Become Successful

  • Face Challenges:

Many of us do not try to attempt any new thing because of the fear of failure. It is common human nature. We never try going out of our comfort zone because we are scared about the thought that we may fail in our activity. However, successful people consider failure as the stepping stone to success.

Face Challenges

  • Identify Weaknesses, Skills and Self Goals:

  1. a) To discover solutions it is very essential to identify problems and weaknesses. The person should analysis own weaknesses and should give positive efforts to overcome the problems.
  2. b) People can easily become successful if they are capable enough to analyze own skill. This will help an individual to give efforts in the right direction to convert the failure into success. Successful people tolerate failure and understand it and convert it into success by learning essential skills such as time management, stress management, problem-solving, risk analysis, etc.
  3. c) Goal Setting is very essential to get success in any task. Goals provide direction to the person. A person should set a major goal and divide major goal into sub-goals to achieve success.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses to Become Successful

  • Be Honest:

You should be honest. If you faced failure then identify the exact cause of failure and if your laziness was the reason for failure then accept it. Blaming others for own failure is not a good habit because through this you will not improve yourself. If you are bad at something then accept it and improve things.

  • Find Role Models:

People should find their role models. If you want to become successful in IT industry then your role models can be Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Andrew Carnegie, Nelson Mandela, etc., who are successful in IT world. If you want to become a successful politician then your role model can be Narendra Modi, Indra Gandhi, etc. You should read stories of your role model through which you can know what challenges they faced in their life and what solutions they did to come out of the problems.

Find Role Models to Become Successful

  • Patience:

A person cannot become successful overnight. Continuous efforts are essential to get success. A person should work for continuous improvement. No one is perfect. We just need to explore the problem areas and weakness for improvement. You should analyze your improvement and should remain positive to see more improvement in yourself.

Patience to Become Successful

  • Don’t Stop at First Success:

Small-small successes contribute in big success. First success should be considered as first step towards major success. A person should work with complete dedication and should remain self-motivated to become successful.

Become Successful

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