What Does Quantum Physics Say About the Bio Energetic Field (Human Aura)?

Quantum physics says that in the universe everything is present in an energy form, whether they are human beings, animals and the plants.  We cannot see these invisible energies however they play a vital role in our health and well being.  Quantum physics confirms the presence of bio energetic field around our physical body. This is what we call a human aura. This concept of bio energetic field is not new. From ancient times, monks and natural healers have been using the same concept to treat many diseases.

Human Aura Reading by 3D Kirlian Photography


It is very interesting to know about the energy system. All persons are connected to universal energy or life force energy. We communicate to universal energy through our energy system (aura, chakra and energy centers).  If our energy system is weak then we lose the connection with the universal energy and become sick, stressed and depressed.

Bio Energetic Field : What Does it Tell?

Bio Energetic Field Reading by 3D Aura Photography

Our bio energetic field interacts with the bio energetic field of others. This is the reason we get good vibes or bad vibes whenever we meet different persons.  We get good vibes when the aura of an individual synch with us. If the bio-energies are out of synch then we get bad vibes. You may have also felt that you met someone for the first time however, you felt magically attracted towards the person and felt peaceful and harmonious in the presence of that person. It is magic of an aura or bio energetic field.

Bio Energetic Field Human Aura Reading

It has been analyzed that there is a large impact of aura and all chakras on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of a person.  If our energy system is weak or imbalanced then not only we will suffer but it will also affect people around us. We need to be in tune with the bio energetic field in order to stay happy, healthy, stress-free and charming.  This bio energetic field is affected by our thoughts, actions, emotions, and also by our surrounding people and environment. Just like we care and protect our physical body, we should also care and protect our energy system. Quantum physics tell that by human bio energy reading it is possible to know our real identity.

In the present time, most of the spiritual and energy healers are using aura photography facility to get to know the status of bio energetic field. If we come to know about our bio energetic field, we can make our life better.

Bio Energetic Field Reading

Bio Energetic Field, Human Aura and Chakras Reading

In this modern digitalization world, it has become possible to accurately measure this bio energetic field. Advance technology like 3D aura photography has been developed by scientists that can clearly analysis the color, shape, and size of the bio energetic field (aura). It also generates the aura and chakra’s analysis report in the 3D view. By the 3D aura reading report, you can know many things about yourself . You can also follow the improvement suggestions to make yourself happy and prosperous. 3D aura photography is the best method to know the human energy balance.

Recently, Dr. Arvinder Singh has brought 3D aura chakra photography with the 3D Kirlian camera, First time in India.  He brought this advanced technology to help Indians to become aware of their energy system. In foreign countries, people use bio energy reading method to know their health status (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health), career options and relationship with others.

Human Bio Energy Reading by 3D Kirlian Camera

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