Interactive Meditation

Interactive Meditation – Biofeedback Meditation Method for Relaxation

Nowadays many people are struggling with negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression, jealousy, etc. To get control over those emotions people take help of meditation. Meditation is very powerful. With the help of meditation, a person can increase positivity in life. Many people start meditation to live a happy and peaceful life.  However, they do not gain optimum benefits because they do not know the right way to do meditation. Many people get bored by meditation because they cannot control the thoughts for a long time. But, what if technology could help us to meditate more effectively? Of course, it is possible. With the advancement of technology, biofeedback technology has brought revolutionary change in the world. Biofeedback meditation has become boon for people.

What Is Biofeedback Meditation?

A lot of people are not aware of biofeedback meditation. Biofeedback meditation is a modern concept. It is an interactive meditation method in which biofeedback technology is used. In biofeedback meditation, physiological responses of the body are measured in real time to improve overall health. The idea behind biofeedback meditation is that it helps to get information about what is going on inside our body during meditation.  By knowing this, we can control our body and can do meditation in right way.

Interactive Meditation

Principle of Biofeedback

It is a known fact that our body has regulatory systems that control our heart rate, breathing, etc.  Our thoughts and emotions influence these systems. For example, when we feel stressed and anxious our biological parameters become irregular. Researches have proved that it is possible to influence functioning of the body, if we put attention to it. It is very important that our body should be in relaxed and balanced position because in this state only positive changes can take place. Interactive meditation is the best way to do it.

Guided Relaxation

How Does Biofeedback Meditation Work?

In biofeedback meditation, our body is connected to sensors that provide real time feedback of our body. Biofeedback meditation can be used for various purposes. It is helpful to improve health and for measuring changes in thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Biofeedback meditation gives information about our biological parameters that is essential for effective meditation.  Meditation trainers are also using interactive meditation to give entertaining and engaging meditation experience to the clients.

Biofeedback Meditation

How Can Biofeedback Meditation Help Us?

Now days, Interactive guided meditation has become the most popular meditation method. It is a biofeedback meditation method. In foreign countries, this guided relaxation method has already become preferred choice of people. In interactive guided meditation, biofeedback, virtual reality, gaming and meditation are combined to make the meditation interesting and engaging.

When we experience negative emotions such as stress, tension, anxiety, anger or irritation, our biological parameters automatically become incoherent and irregular. On the other side, when we experience positive emotions, our biological parameters become regular and coherent. When the biological parameters are in coherent state that means our body is healthy.  Example of heart rate is here.

Biofeedback Meditation

Dr. Arvinder Singh, who is a postgraduate medical doctor has brought interactive guided meditation in India. He is an authorized dealer of Iom2 device, which is useful for guided relaxation. Many healthcare professionals are using iom2 device in foreign countries for interactive meditation. Meditation is effective only when our body is in coherent state. Without this kind of interactive meditation device it is hard to know when we are coherent or incoherent.  Dr. Singh provides training for interactive guided meditation. He is expert in this field. He provides proper guidance to use the device for guided meditation.

Interactive Guided Meditation through Iom2 Device

Iom2 is a small device that measures physiological responses of our body during meditation.  If our body is not in balanced position then this biofeedback meditation device will give feedback accordingly. The device suggests games and mental exercises to help you to come in coherent state. The device shows coherence score. High coherence score shows that you are relax. This device makes you calm, relaxed and stress free. It also improves cognitive performance.  You get real time results through biofeedback meditation and can take corrective actions immediately on the basis of results.

Interactive Meditation

Benefits of Interactive Guided Meditation

We do not need to spend long hours on meditation because through interactive guided meditation we get utmost benefits in just short period of time. In this guided relaxation method, the user gets entertaining experience and enjoys the activities suggested by the interactive relaxation device.  The best part is a person can do interactive meditation alone without the supervision of expert.  You can do interactive meditation anywhere because iom2 device is small and portable.

Guided Meditation

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