career Guidance by Aura Reading

Secrets of Career Guidance by 3D Aura Reading

Career selection is one of the most important decisions, we make in our life. Success or failure totally depends on the career option, we select for us.  Many people later regret their career decisions because one chosen path for career can not be altered easily. So it is important that one should be very careful and cautious in choosing career and deploy best of the resources to help in selection of optimal career best suited for oneself. In this blog, we will discuss how you get best suitable career options through 3D aura reading.

career Guidance by Aura Reading

How Can You Select A Right Career Option for Yourself?

If you are also confused about career then you may take the help of Human Aura Reading by aura or kirlian camera. Aura depicts bioenergy and potential of human beings. Aura or Bioenergy distribution shows our strengths and weaknesses. Our aura color reveals what we really are and what our life purpose is. Our aura color can tell about the best suitable career options for us. We will talk one by one for each aura color and will also suggest best career options for each personality by aura reading.

Career Options for Red Color Aura (Red Personality) by Aura Reading

Aura Reading for Red Personality

Red color aura individuals are enthusiastic, goal oriented, competitive and energetic. They have leadership skills. Red color aura individual has many career options such as police officer, bodyguard, heavy equipment operator, boxer, military personnel, professional athlete, surgeon, entrepreneur, and farmer.

Career Options for Orange Color Aura (Orange Personality) by Aura Reading

Aura Reading for Orange Personality

Orange color aura individuals are creative and intelligent. Orange personality has many career choices such as designer, developer, architect, business manager, stunt person, sales, marketing, bounty hunter, private investigator, entrepreneur and firefighter/EMT.

Career Options for Yellow Color Aura (Yellow Personality) by Aura Reading

Aura Reading for yellow Personality

Yellow aura color individuals are analytical, thinker, humorous and intelligent. They can make a successful career as athlete, comedian, artist, computer engineer, personal fitness trainer, doctor, physical therapist, massage therapist, cook, nutritionist, mechanic, travel guide, and flight attendant.

Career Options for Green Color Aura (Green Personality) by Aura Reading

Aura reading for Green Personality

Green aura people are quick minded, clever and focused. They have many career options such as a gardener, farmer, environmental researcher, real estate agent, and veterinarian.

Career Options for Blue Color Aura (Blue Personality) by Aura Reading

Aura Reading for Blue Personality

Blue personality people are balanced, calm thinker and empathetic. They also have a helpful nature. Blue color aura individuals have many career choices such as a nurse, homemaker, astrologer, family therapist, welfare worker, clergy, caretaker, and personal assistant.

Career Options for Indigo Color Aura (Indigo Personality) by Aura Reading

Aura Reading for Indigo Personality


Indigo personalities speak from the heart. They are a clear thinker with a strong institution ability. They communicate clearly with a loving tone. Indigo personality can pursue a career as a teacher, social worker, artist, writer, counselor, human resource specialist, child caretaker, and horticulturist.

Career Options for Violet Color Aura (Violet Personality) by Aura Reading

Aura reading for Violet Personality

Violet personalities have an ability to make positive changes in the society. They can inspire others. They are wise, intelligent, intuitive and artistic. Violet personality has many good career choices such as a performer, artist, teacher, healer, inventor, minister, psychologist, and lawyer.

Now people can easily know the right career choice for them and can become successful. Dr. Arvinder Singh has brought 3D aura imaging by 3D Aura / Kirlian Photography with the latest technology, the first time in Rajasthan, India.  You can get crystal clear aura photo of your face and the body with the help of Kirlian Camera (3D aura camera). Through aura reading, you can know your aura color, aura power, energies of chakras and various other things. 3D aura reading also gives information about health, social life, relationship and career guidance. Moreover, you can know about your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. According to your aura color, you also get advice by aura reading software to improve overall well being.


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