Interactive Creativity Training Program

Creativity Thoughts

In current scenario, creativity is the most desirable skill. Most of the persons have realized that successful ideas that famous entrepreneurs thought, they could also think like that? God has given same powers to each person then why one person is ruling over the world and other person is living miserable life. All successful persons like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc were creative thinker.  Let me share the difference between the winner and the loser. The winner achieves success because he applies his creative thoughts and losers face failure because they do not try to think from different perspectives to achieve the goal. Each person wants to become successful. However, only few persons reach to top level. Why this thing happens?

The ‘Mantra for achieving Success’ is creative thinking. Each person can become creative thinker by acquiring proper guidance from experts. Even diamond also needs polish to increase its value. The experts help in discovering the skills in person. In famous movie ‘Bhag Mikka Bhag’, Milkha Singh also took inspiration from his Gurus, Gurudev Singh and Ranveer Singh and then got success. Similarly you can also explore creativity skill and can become creative. Creativity is a trainable skill that can help you to achieve peak performance in life. You can easily learn and understand creativity skill with the help CreativeHeights introduced by national award winner, Dr Arvinder Singh.

Boost your creativity with CreativeHeights

CreativeHeights Training Program for Creative Ideas Generation

Dr Arvinder Singh has launched an interactive creativity training program with the name of CreativeHeights. This training program is specially designed to increase creative thinking skills. With the help of CreativeHeights, an average person can learn creative and innovative thinking abilities. Creativity in essential in everyone’s lives as without creativity the person cannot survive in the competitive world. Creativity helps in generating unique ideas which are crucial to deal with complex problems. Generally, people expect creativity from artists, poets and businessmen that they should present unique ideas. However, a normal person can also develop creative skills that can help him in making his unique identity. All famous persons who got success in their life have one common quality, creativity in them.


The person can think in different manner, when he or she has innovative skills and creative ability. If a person wants to achieve the position for which he is dreaming since long time then the person has to do something different which other persons cannot do easily. Today each organization wants to hire people who are creative thinkers. Some people think that creativity cannot be taught but it is a myth. An average person can also become creative thinker by getting proper training.


Creative Heights – Advance Training Program to learn Creativity


Creativity can be taught by CreativeHeights training program in which supportive environment is given to persons that helps in creative thinking ability development. To learn something, only one thing is required that is the person should have zeal to learn new things. If a person has a problem then he should search all the alternative solutions to solve the particular problem. The person can get effective solution by getting consultation from experts. Experts can give right advice because they have knowledge and experience in that particular field. The person should analyze all the possible solutions in terms of their effectiveness and should select the best solution after considering various parameters. But all these things are not as simple as it seem. But there is a famous quote “Nothing is Impossible”. The person can convert impossible into possible by thinking in right manner and we are here to provide you right direction. CreativeHeights program can help in intelligence development among people.

Dr Arvinder Singh introduced CreativeHeights
Understand Creativity with CreativeHeights
CreativeHeights Course Topics
CreativeHeights Course Outcome

  1. Introduction to Creativity
  2. Concepts of Creativity – Mechanism of Mind
  3. Neuro-Shaker and Rumination Technique For Creativity Generation
  4. Learn 10 Tools of Creativity by CreativeHeights Training Program
  • Tool I: Center of Attention
  • Tool II: Innovative stare
  • Tool III: Power of Metaphors
  • Tool IV: Power of Opposite
  • Tool V: Radiant Linking Association
  • Tool VI: Radiant Target Word Association
  • Tool VII: Confrontation and Innovation
  • Tool VIII: Drop
  • Tool IX: Out of Proportion
  • Tool X: Oh My God
  1. Arrangement and Rectification of Ideas
  2. Creativity Test

  • CreativeHeights training program will introduce new pattern of thinking. Corporate persons can incorporate the learning from training to generate new business opportunities.
  • The training program will teach creative ideas generation techniques to unblock cognitive thinking ability of a person. People will learn out of the box thinking.
  • Dr Arvinder Singh has claimed that CreativeHeights training program has potential that the creative ideas generation ability of the person will be increased minimum 30 percentage to up to maximum limit.
  • People will learn how to discover solution of the problem quickly. They will also learn how to take fast and effective decisions.
  • Trainees will learn how to think from different perspectives to convert an impossible situation into possible one.
  • Other than creativity, intelligence level will also be enhanced by CreativeHeights training program.
  • People will understand how to come out of critical situations. They can use any of the tool taught in CreativeHeights training program to generate multiple creative ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1- Who will be benefited by the course CreativeHeights?

Answer – CreativeHeights training program will give benefits to corporate people, students and even a normal person can become creative with the help of this training program. An average person can learn how to think from different perspectives to generate unique creative ideas.


Question 2- Who is the trainer of CreativeHeights course?

Answer – Dr Arvinder Singh, MBBS , creative trainer, intelligence trainer and the national award winner  will provide training. He has been working for many years in operational intelligence development field. Dr Arvinder Singh is the role model for all young entrepreneurs. He believes that creativity, decision making and problem solving are three essential skills and without any of them a person cannot become successful in life. He has vast experience in these fields. In CreativeHeights training he teaches various creativity tools to enhance creativity in person. The attendants of training program can also realise that after attending the program their creative thinking capability has been increased.


Question 3 – What is the duration of CreativeHeights training course?

Answer – Three types of courses are available in CreativeHeights training Program –

  • Ultra Short Course –  1 day ( 3 Hours )
  • Short Course – 1 day ( 8 Hours )
  • Full Course – 2 days (16 Hours )

Question 4 – How much the CreativeHeights training program cost?

Answer – The charges will vary according to the selected training course. For pricing information please contact to Dr Arvinder Singh on +91 99290 93266 OR +91 70731 11777.


Question 5 – How to get more details about CreativeHeights training program?

Answer – To know more details about CreativeHeights , please contact to Dr Arvinder Singh on +91 99290 93266 OR +91 70731 11777.