Control Emotions

Master Your Emotions And Get Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever heard that emotions are bad? Many people answer it as ‘yes’. But it is not true. Emotions are the biggest driving force and are powerful. If their powers are used properly they have all the powers to transform the lives. Many of us are victims of negative emotions and are unable to find the way out. If we understand our emotions properly, those are the milestones to get our lives transformed.

Tips to Control Emotions

Control Emotions

Today we will discuss 6 steps to master your emotions and that can help to achieve emotional intelligence.


STEP 1: Identify your feelings

This introspection and pausing over the emotion lowers the intensity of emotion immediately.

Control Emotions with Easy Tips


STEP 2: Believe your Feelings

We must acknowledge the emotion and believe that they support us. Usually, we start fighting with emotions and this increases the intensity of emotions more. Many of us surrender and succumb to the negative pressure of emotions and this lead to suffering. Acknowledging the emotion and trying to understand the positive message and support they provide is quite helpful.

Emotional Mastery


STEP 3: Develop Your Curiosity

Get Curious about the message  Ask what this emotion is offering you.


  • What do I really want to feel?
  • How to practice the habit of understanding the feeling that actually persists? 
  • How to create a solution and handle this right now?
  • What can I learn from this?

Master Your Emotions

STEP 4: Be Confident 

Get Confident and remember the earlier time when you have felt similar emotions and how you handled it. So now it is the time again to handle it. However if you really feel that it is the first time you are encountering this emotion then acknowledging the emotion and paying attention over it helps you to get the structure of emotion. Be confident that you can handle this now in a positive manner.

Control Emotions


STEP 5: Generate Creative Ideas

Be Creative and try to find out and write 3 to 5 ways by which you can handle the emotion. Your mind will initially resist to find out the ways out. But it is the time to persist and creative and force your mind to find out ways to handle this now. Your solutions may look weird to you initially but re-looking into it will definitely provide you insights.Emotions


STEP 6: Take Action

Taking the action is very important and you must do it even if your mind tells you otherwise. It is always recommended that we should rehearse the action in our mind 3 to 4 times. It helps in fast and effective execution. Dr. Arvinder Singh has launched a national award winning program with the name of EmotioHeights that can help you to get emotional intelligence.



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Dr. Arvinder Singh


Dr. Arvinder Singh
Dr Arvinder Singh, Gold Medalist and national award winner is postgraduate medical doctor who owns hospital and diagnostic center. Along with his medical skills he is MBA Gold Medalist from IIM and Diploma from Oxford UK. He is passionate and works actively for Mind Body Fitness and believes that Mind Body Fitness is foundation stone for the person to be successful. He trains physical fitness, Intelligence enhancement, Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence. Dr Singh believes that fitness and intelligence must incorporate all above intelligence. He has invented and registered intelligence enhancement program awarded by government of India known as Seven Effective Thinking Patterns (SETP)
sumit middha / April 15, 2017

Excellent stuff doc., specally The last step” take action that too after rehearsals n Recalling the previous same situation before execution. “

Dr Arvinder Singh
Dr Arvinder Singh / April 16, 2017

Thanks a lot


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