Enhance Spiritual Intelligence

How Can Interactive Meditation Help You To Increase Spiritual Intelligence?

In the current era, people have become aware of physical quotient, intelligence quotient, and emotional quotient. They are concentrating on only these things to make the life pleasant.

But can only these things make us really happy?

A person can be happy only when his mind, body, and soul are healthy. For a healthy soul, a high spiritual quotient is essential. Spiritual intelligence gives us inner peace, satisfaction, and clarity of mind. These things really matter for us. Harmony in the soul, body, and mind can only be achieved through Spiritual intelligence. Spiritual intelligence provides us meaning and purpose of life and helps to maintain the overall physical and emotional health.

Increase Spiritual Quotient

Problems are the basic part of our life and we cannot escape from problems. Spiritual intelligence makes us more flexible and guides us to deal with tough situations of life. Human beings have five senses – vision (through eyes), smell (through nose), hearing (through ear), taste (through tongue) and touch (through skin). Spirituality helps us to detect that there is knowledge and intelligence beyond our 5 senses. Spirituality helps to get control over senses. There is a universal power that controls us and the things around the world. Spiritual intelligence helps us to connect with the universal intelligence.

Value of Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence is many times more powerful and important than other intelligences. It represents a higher dimension of intelligence (SQ) that governs PQ, IQ, and EQ.

Increase Spiritual Intelligence

Today organizations are also understanding the importance of spiritual intelligence and primarily giving emphasis on SQ in addition to intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ). Organizational conflict and stress are becoming key issues of organizations. Hence, corporate people are working for increasing spiritual quotient.

Spiritual intelligence helps you to find answers to fundamental questions.  There are some indicators of high spiritual quotient such as self-awareness, self-confidence, freedom from ego, flexibility, adaptability, fearlessness, patience, honesty, wisdom, vision, curiosity, the courage to work against conventions, etc.

High SQ has many benefits such as it makes us more responsible and humble. It helps to develop our vision. It also helps to lower stress, fear, irritation, sorrow, disappointment and boosts up the energy level.  We think positive and feel positivity around ourselves. Spiritual intelligence also helps to detect real-life values.

Boost Spiritual Quotient

What can you do to increase your spiritual quotient?

Researches depict that people who meditate regularly have generally higher SQ than those who don’t.  Meditation is the best way to connect with universal intelligence. How beneficial meditation can be if we get proper guidance for it. Yes, of course, it will be. With the help of guided interactive meditation, people can get optimum benefits of meditation and can get inner peace and satisfaction.

Dr. Arvinder Singh, who is a postgraduate medical doctor, has rich experience in this field. He is also an authorized dealer of iom2, a revolutionary interactive guided meditation device. He also provides training for interactive guided meditation.

Enhance Spiritual Intelligence

This device combines virtual reality, gaming, and biofeedback technology and provides an entertaining experience to the user. This interactive device makes the meditation fun and exciting. Iom2 device is easy to learn. The device is connected to the body by an ear clip and transmits the body’s response results to the devices like computer, laptop or phones in an easy to read format. Interactive guided meditation will help you to increase spiritual intelligence. You will appreciate this interactive guided meditation device. It will fill peace and happiness in your life.

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Dr. Arvinder Singh


Dr. Arvinder Singh
Dr Arvinder Singh, Gold Medalist and national award winner is postgraduate medical doctor who owns hospital and diagnostic center. Along with his medical skills he is MBA Gold Medalist from IIM and Diploma from Oxford UK. He is passionate and works actively for Mind Body Fitness and believes that Mind Body Fitness is foundation stone for the person to be successful. He trains physical fitness, Intelligence enhancement, Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence. Dr Singh believes that fitness and intelligence must incorporate all above intelligence. He has invented and registered intelligence enhancement program awarded by government of India known as Seven Effective Thinking Patterns (SETP)
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