Indigo Personality

Are you an Indigo Personality? Know Your Aura Colour by Best 3D Kirlian Photography

You can get correct answers of all of your questions if you know yourself completely. You can get all information like who you are and what your life purpose is through aura reading process. Your aura color, aura power and chakras can give much information about your health, mental attitude, nature, personality, social life, relationship, career options, etc. Through aura photography you can see your own reality in the form of pictures. This knowledge will help to make important life decisions.

Aura color reveals many things about the person. The indigo aura is one of the rarest auras that an individual can be gifted with. You can get indigo aura color and can increase your aura power through aura healing or pranic healing process.

Indigo Personality People

You can also discover the things you may have not known about yourself and your loved one through aura reading. If you are an indigo personality or if you are connected to an indigo personality then it is useful know about this personality type.

Nature of Indigo Personality

Indigo Personality by Aura Reading

They are calm, loving, caring, honest, truthful, curious, intuitive, passionate, focused, introvert, creative and spiritual. Indigo personality follows higher truth and inner voice or inner guidance.  Their inner guidance helps to make right choices and best decisions. Every action they take has a meaning and a purpose. Indigo personalities are creative thinkers. They have an uncanny ability to learn and master things easily. Indigo personalities stick to their moral and values. They feel strong connection with god. Their male-female energies are balanced.

Social Life of Indigo Personality

Social Life of Indigo Personality

They have only few close friends. Indigo personalities do not follow social rules, myths and regulations. Indigo personalities follow truth and spirituality.  They may have tendency to withdraw from the society because they are often misunderstood for their different vision and high principles. Indigo personalities also like to spend time in spiritual religious groups or organizations. They prefer to meet people on the basis of spirituality and love.

Relationships of Indigo Personality

Relationship of Indigo Personality

Indigo personalities believe that all humans are divine beings. They attract others towards them because of their positive aura and wide aura power. Indigo personalities need life partner who will be understanding and nurturing. They carefully select their life partner and once they select they remain loyal, faithful and committed to the soul mate. Indigo personality remains faithful as a partner or a friend.  Indigo personalities need a life partner who can understand their spiritual way of thinking. They are great lovers.

Indigo personality has a perfect match with violet personality because they contain many similar qualities. Yellow and green personalities are also a good match for indigo personalities. Red and orange personalities are not a good match because their views for life are totally different.

Career Guidance for Indigo personality

Career Guidance of Indigo Personality

Indigo personalities have a high vision. They have high intellect power. They like to support others. Indigo personality remains reliable and loyal to work commitments. They love to work for the society hence can become good social worker.  Indigo personalities are closely connected to the universal life force energy hence they can become excellent spiritual leaders and counselors. Spiritual healer, counselor, social worker, artist, musician, teacher, environmentalist, caretaker, and writer are best career options for a indigo personality.

Interest, likes and Dislikes of Indigo Personality

Likes of Indigo Personality

Indigo personalities like walking, jogging, meditative & spiritual exercises. They express their creativity and artistic talent through painting, dancing, singing, writing, etc. They show interest in learning about high principles rather than social beliefs. Indigo personalities take much interest in spiritual matters than physical matters. They like peaceful and harmonious environment. Indigo personality likes to spend time alone.

Indigo personalities can also sense energies and aura power of other people. They have sensitive physical bodies. They do not like intense exercises and competitive sports. A person who has indigo aura prefers soft and balanced physical activities. Indigo personality also knows how to balance mind, body and spirit energies.

What Challenges Indigo Personality Face?

Despite of many benefits, the life of indigo personalities is not easy.

Challenges of Indigo Personality

Indigo personality can sense those things that others think do not exist. Often people misunderstand and criticize them due to their unique vision.  If they do not follow their inner guidance they become depressed and anxious. Many times, they also find themselves alone or isolated. When they do not find answers of their questions they leave the contact with world and devote themselves to the divine.

Previously only aura photography facility was available for aura reading. However, Now Dr. Arvinder Singh has introduced 3D aura chakra photography with advance kirlian camera, first time in Rajasthan, India, for the high quality aura report. 3D Kirlian camera quickly captures your aura and chakras energies and you get reports in form of graphs and charts. You can also check your mind-body-soul energy balance, aura color, aura power, chakras energy etc. through 3D  aura reading.  By 3D aura reading, it is also possible to identify illness long before any of the symptoms are clearly visible.

I hope you enjoyed learning about an indigo personality. You can easily know about your aura color and aura power through aura reading. By aura healing process you can change incoming energies, work with inner energies and also use outgoing energies to achieve your goals.

Indigo Personality

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