Benefits of Interactive Meditation

How Does Interactive Meditation Benefit?

Before talking about interactive meditation with the use of biofeedback technology, let’s talk about need of meditation and its benefits.

We all have good times and bad times in life. In bad times, many people become frustrated, disappointed and depressed. However, we have to understand that life will not change its rule for anyone. Hence, we have to become emotionally strong and God has given us the power by which we can make ourselves strong.

Need of Interactive Meditation

Do you know that there is powerful and unseen life force energy inside all of us? This energy nourishes our body and maintains overall health, wellness, and vitality. When this life force energy gets disturbed and weakened due to any reason our body is affected adversely. As life force energy decreases we feel depressed, lethargic and stressed. Meditation is a powerful method to remove blockages and allow the free flow of life force energy.

Enhance Life Force Energy through Mediation

Interactive Meditation Working

The power of meditation has been accepted by the world. Some of the most successful people in world such as Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Jeff Weiner, Angelina Jolie, etc., have made meditation as an important part of their lives. Meditation is a powerful method by which we get control over our mind and the body.

People know only few benefits of meditation however there are unlimited benefits of it. People don’t do meditation due to various causes such as busy schedule, no guidance, lack of interest, lack of knowledge, or no environment, etc.  No worries, Interactive meditation is available for you which can help you to add meditation to your daily routine.

Interactive meditation is also popular as biofeedback meditation, interactive guided meditation, guided relaxation or guided meditation.

What is Interactive Guided Meditation

Interactive Meditation: Learn to meditate

This guided relaxation method is the solution to all these problems. It is a mindfulness meditation method. Interactive meditation gives you meditation guidance, provides you environment through virtual reality and generates your interest by giving you real time feedback through biofeedback device.  In interactive meditation you do not have to spend long hours on meditation. Only 6 minutes biofeedback meditation is sufficient to recharge your body.  This guided relaxation helps to achieve mindfulness and you really enjoy the present moment. You live in that moment and also calmly observe what is happening inside your body.

Moreover, you do not have to find a quiet place because you can do interactive guided meditation anywhere even in a crowded place.

Interactive Meditation Internal Peace

Time is also not an issue because you can meditation anytime just like you get 10 minutes free time in evening then also you can do meditation to make yourself energetic and organized.

What is Interactive Meditation?

Interactive meditation uses biofeedback technology, virtual reality and gaming to make meditation easy to learn, more interesting and engaging.

In interactive guided meditation, you get feedback from the body through sensor devices, which help to know how relaxed you are. When our body is in relaxed position, our breathing rate slows down, brain waves change, heart rate decreases and stabilizes, muscle tension and blood pressure decrease. In biofeedback meditation, these types of physical responses are measured instantly and the user can see his relaxation score on output devices such as mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.

Interactive Meditation Device

Interactive meditation is beneficial for all. It is especially helpfulfor the people who are new to meditation or people who struggle to achieve full meditation benefits. Interactive meditation is easy to learn. We have to follow only the guide and the games teach us how to meditate more effectively.

How Interactive Meditation can help us to make our life happy, organized and peaceful?

  • Interactive Meditation takes us to higher levels of self-realization and changes our whole lifestyle. It has a power to change our thoughts, actions and behavior in positive direction.
  • Interactive guided meditation has many mental and physical benefits. It lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, decreases blood sugar, reduces cholesterol level and enhances focus and concentration power. This guided relaxation method helps to achieve mindfulness.
  • It helps in spiritual awakening.
  • Interactive meditation improves sleep quality.
  • Guided relaxation keeps the body healthy and helps to prevent disorders in the immune system.
  • Interactive meditation enhances our cognitive abilities. Hence, our decision making skill also gets improved.

Benefits of Interactive Meditation

Interactive Meditation in India

People are already doing interactive meditation in foreign countries like America, Japan, China, Australia, etc. In India, this concept is new for people. Dr. Arvinder Singh, the postgraduate medical doctor has brought this unique biofeedback meditation concept in India with the help of Unyte Company. He is an authorized dealer of Iom2, a guided meditation device. Dr. Singh is also an interactive meditation trainer.


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