Interactive Meditation

Interactive Guided Meditation : Learn to Meditate and Live Happily

Researchers reviewed many peer reviewed journals and articles and concluded that due to unhealthy life style many people are suffering from various problems such as stress, unhappiness, lack of concentration, weak memory, poor retention power, anxiety,  anxiousness,  low immunity, etc. Scientific literature proved that meditation techniques have positive impact on mind and body. Meditation can help in eliminating negative emotions and can increase positive emotions. However, Survey results depicts that many people find it difficult to learn traditional meditation methods and do not maintain the regularity of this relaxation method. Therefore, many people are suffering due to life difficulties such as work pressure, family issues, financial troubles and other problems.


Interactive guided meditation is a new and unique concept that has been brought as the solution of various problems. Researchers and the experienced professionals tested different meditation methods and invented this unique method of guided relaxation for helping people. The developer team realized that many people consider meditation as a boring method. They cannot control their mind and thoughts for long time. When people do meditation they feel that they are struggling with themselves. They think that suddenly clock has actually slowed down. However, the interactive guided meditation will make meditation as your daily routine part.

What is Interactive Guided Meditation and Why We Need It?

“Interactive Guided Meditation” phrase itself explains the nature of meditation technique. This is one of the best relaxation techniques through which the person can get happy and entertaining meditation experience. People can easily get mastery over this meditation technique and can live stress free and healthy life.

Interactive guided meditation is mainly an interactive relaxation program, which provides real time feedback to the users and users become aware about their physical state, thoughts and emotions.

People can use interactive guided meditation device to get right instructions of meditation for maximum health benefits. The device works on biofeedback technology and provides measurable output to users. The device is the combination of meditation, gaming and biofeedback technology. Hence, it is different and more effective than other relaxation techniques. With the help of this interactive relaxation technique, people will feel fresh and they will be able to handle difficult situation more easily.

Regular practice of interactive guided meditation will keep the mind calmer and more focused. People can easily adopt healthy life style and can easily reduce the risk of certain health problems with this interactive relaxation  method.

Relaxation Interactive Guided Meditation

The interactive device keeps the person in right meditative state by measuring heart rate variability (HRV). HRV measures the variability or time gap between heart rates and shows the meditative state. Researchers have concluded that higher HRV is a good sign of body that shows improved health, positive emotions and relaxed nervous system.


This Interactive device teaches relaxation methods, calmness and specific breathing that help in increasing HRV. People become aware of the nervous system state and can keep the body on right track and live happily.

  • First the user needs to connect the biofeedback sensor to the ear so that the device can monitor the heart rate variability. The device is compatible with laptops, computers, tablets and smart phones. Hence, the user can connect the device with any one of them.
  • User can get entertaining and interactive experiences with games.
  • User needs to follow the guide and breathing indicators showed by the device. The device provides guidance for optimum breathing rate. The device makes the breathing cycle slower, deeper and more regular which is beneficial for mind and the body.
  • According to the body’s response the device shows resonance score and suggests games so that user can do meditation more effectively. The resonance score is ranges from 1 to 100 percent. It indicates the magnitude of HRV and positive changes in the body. The higher resonance score you get and the higher HRV you have and more relaxed you are. Higher resonance score helps in recovery from stressful situations and generates positive emotions.

  • People do not need to spend hours on meditation and hours in sitting in lotus position. They can do interactive guided meditation anywhere at any place because the device is very small and portable. People can carry the device with them anywhere and can maintain the regularity of meditation.
  • The interactive guided meditation device is low cost and highly valuable device that makes connectivity with body’s functioning by ear clip and provides accurate and real time data according to the psychological state of the body.
  • The device is easy to use and the person can do meditation alone without the help of expert.
  • Many people are already using interactive guided meditation and they have given positive feedback for the product. They find the device cool and user friendly. They felt calm and relaxed after its use.
  • The company is also developing cloud based dashboard where the users can check usage, their scores and progress over time.
  • The device provides highly effective and evidence based results. The device is safe and does not provide any adverse effect.

Interactive Meditation

Improvement by Interactive Guided Meditation Device

  • Stress
  • Emotional Wellbeing – Worry, Loneliness, Fear, Anxiety
  • Mind Clarity, Focus, Memory, Decision Making, Problem Solving and Concentration
  • Sleep Problems
  • Headache and Body Pain
  • Health, Immunity and Energy Level
  • Depression
  • Mood Disorders


  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity available.
  • Long time rechargeable battery.
  • Measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV) by comfortable ear sensor.
  • Data export facility.
  • Extensible sensor support – New types of sensors can be added in future.
  • Measures Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) with additional sensor support.
  • Third party SDK for additional integration.

Interactive Guided Meditation Device

Interactive Guided Meditation Device is Useful For

  • Working professionals with stressful job role.
  • Students, children and adults who are suffering from depression, anxiety and ADHD.
  • Athletes, patients, musicians, entrepreneurs, parents, and the people who want to increase mind productivity, etc.
  • Helpful for trainers, counselors, psychologists, teachers, psychiatrists to give relaxing mind body fitness training to clients.