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Creative Ways to Control and Get Rid Of Jealousy and Insecurity

Generally people criticize the things that are shining and getting attention by others. Successful people face lot of criticism by others. It is difficult to accept perfection, which is main reason for jealousy. Researchers have proved that human Beings have tendency of finding faults among others. People get jealous because they feel insure. A boyfriend gets jealous when his girlfriend talks to other handsome guy. Students and colleagues feel jealous about the success of one another. Suppose, a student who is doing top each year and suddenly this year if his friend does top with his help then of course the friend who helped the topper will not do help again. Why this thing happens? The answer is jealousy. People appreciate growth and success of others only by that time until others do not become superior to them.


Exact Science behind Jealousy and Insecurity

Psychologists have described jealously as a negative emotion that can destroy our inner peace.  This negative feeling affects many persons on daily basis. The real reason of why many people get jealous by others because they do not accept that others are doing better than them. Jealousy is like a disease. Insecurity and jealousy are related terms.

This negative feeling is developed among people when they cannot reach to your level or when they do not have the position or thing that you have or they are trying to copy your style however they cannot. People compare themselves with others. Jeopardize situation will occur if people do not know how to cope up with jealousy.  Daily life example of jealousy is a sibling become jealous of other when parents do not give more attention to him or her.

jealousy and insecurity

People get jealous of your success. You can understand jealous feeling of others by analyzing their attitude, behaviours and negative comments. Let us first understand causes of jealousy and also know creative ways that can help you in dealing with jealousy.

Negative Effects of Jealousy and Insecurity

negative effects of jealousy

  • Lack of control over jealousy can give birth to insanity.
  • Unconsciously you will think about the thing, which is reason behind your insecurity and this will increase stress and negativity inside you.
  • People get irritated when they feel someone is better than them.
  • Jealousy can give negative impact on your mental Health.
  • Jealously gives rise to disappointment, anger and depression that somehow give negative impact on your body.
  • There is medical reason now days doctors recommend patients to think positive because on one hand positive emotions such as happiness, excitement, joy , kindness, pleasant, hope, confidence, admiration, satisfaction, inspiration, love, etc. promote secretion of good hormones that promote health. On the other hand negative emotions such as fear, anger, sorrow, jealousy, hate, frustration, etc increase the emission of bad hormones. Bad hormones give adverse effect on your body. The healing capacity of our body slows down due to high presence of bad hormones.

overcome jealousy

How To Stop Being Jealous?

Many people believe that jealousy cannot be controlled because it is a general nature. However, we are giving some powerful tips through which you overcome jealously easily. Each person has strengths and weaknesses. No one wants to expose weakness in front of others so we hide them.  The more we focus on negative thoughts the more we hurt ourselves.  Negative emotions will give us nothing from our life. On the other side we miss an important part of our precious life. We should learn how can we handle all negative emotions in a creative manner?

Few people consider jealously as a good emotion however it is misconception. There is small difference between jealously and inspiration. Jealousy emotion is developed when we do not accept that other person is better than us where as inspiration feeling is generated when we accept the fact that other person is better than us and we get motivation by the person and work for self-improvement.  


Jealousy will not get us anything valuable in life but only spoil our life. Some creative ways are mentioned here through which we can control jealousy, anger and other negative emotions.

  • Accept That You Are Being Jealous by Others:

    First of all you should notice that you are feeling jealous or not. Negative thinking for others represents jealousy so you must accept that.

  • Do Not Blame Others for Your Actions:

    stop jealousy

    We should not blame others for our actions and decisions.  People should accept our failures and should identify those points that are the reasons behind our failure. We should identify own responsibilities and should accept them for getting rid of jealousy.

  • Identify Weakness and Work on Them:

    We should accept the success of others. We should identify our weaknesses and should work to overcome them. If we are not able to detect our weaknesses then we can take help from our well wishers and experts. They will give us right suggestion and we should have courage to listen our weaknesses by others. Get learning from successful persons is not bad at all. Do not work to hurt the feeling of others. We should work with dedication and should give our 100 % to achieve long lasting success.

  • Share Feelings with Others:

    Jealousy is common in relationships. We must give efforts to identify roots and reasons that are creating negative feelings. We should share our thoughts with others and should understand other’s perceptions. Honest and open communication with others will help to clear misunderstandings.

  • Self Motivation:

    Jealously can be transformed into inspiration. If others have achieved something, then why cannot we? What one man has achieved with his hard work and dedication, we can also achieve that. However, we have to work with that much dedication. One most important thing is once we have succeeded we should not insult and criticize others. We should give respect to each person. Self motivation is a skill and to have this skill we can get help of motivation trainer. Dr Arvinder Singh is popular motivator, creativity and intelligence trainer. He believes that people who have control over their emotions can maintain long lasting success.

    self motivation to control jealousy

  • Self-Satisfaction and Positive Attitude:

    Self-satisfaction is the killer of jealousy. We have to accept that we cannot steal abilities, knowledge and skills of others.Self-satisfaction is essential to avoid jealousy. We have to work for personal development and improvement. Hence, we should accept the things we have and should keep positive attitude for further improvement. Healthy competition is good. Get success through your works but not at the expense others. These are some effective methods through which you can combat jealousy. 


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