Overcome Worries

Never Worry, Be Happy- Creative Success Tips by Dr Arvinder Singh

Do you feel like your life is full of worries and tensions? Has worry become your Regular life part?

All these thoughts and worries actually exist only in our mind. It only depends on how we perceive the situation. The less we worry, the less complicated our life becomes.

Worry is a bad habit that we have learnt slowly with our growing age. The bad habits which we have learnt knowingly or unknowingly can be unlearnt by purification of thoughts. We often overestimate our problems and underestimate our abilities, which is wrong and common reason of worry.

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This blog will tell how people can overcome worry and life difficulties.

First of all, we have to understand what are the causes of worry or tension in life?

People worry on two types of situations:

  • Worry for Situation on which they do have control.
  • Worry for Situation on which they have control.

First, let us discuss about the situation on which we do not have control.

Now understand there is no benefit in worrying on things or situations on which we have no control because we have no power to change things. Natural disasters such as flood, earthquake or some natural things such as death, disease, accident, etc are some examples of these situations. However, in these situations we can stay positive to come out from worry.


Overcome Worries

Life gives us both good and bad situations. It depends on us how and what we take out from life. If natural disaster occurred and we are blaming on god for this then nothing will be sorted out. We are only satisfying our emotions and becoming worried by this.  Instead of blaming others, we should remain positive and should work to come out from a bad situation to reduce worry.

Now we are discussing about second situation on which we have control.

Many people believe that they have lot of problems and feel worry however most of problems they face are self-created. It is 100 percent true.  Suppose you have spent too much money this month on unimportant things and now you want money for a very important work. Now think who is actually responsible for creating the problem.

Did other person spend money?

No, it was you who have spent.

Stop Worrying

Similarly, if you are not giving proper attention to your relationship then one day it will be ended up badly. Psychologists and psychiatrists have found out that 99 percent problems are self created.. We have seen many people who live life happily without worrying.

Is there actually no problem in their life?

How is it possible?

Life or god is not being partial to anyone. Some people who are living happily are managing the things properly. They follow visionary thinking and do their work perfectly so they do not have to worry.

Some primary causes of worry are greediness, ego, expectation, laziness, etc.

A middle class person wants to become rich whereas, a rich person wants to become richer. We feel worry because we are not satisfied with our self and with our conditions.

Causes of Worry

Laziness is also a main cause of worry. For example, a student is creating problem for himself when he knows that he has not completed his homework and wasting time on watching TV. May be next day he will not get noticed by teacher. However, in this case also he will remain in fear and worry.  Whenever teacher will come to know about it, the student will surely get punished.

Many people have habit of postponing tasks but when the deadline comes near they feel stressed and then feel they should have done task previously. There are many more examples through which we can understand the small mistake which we have done today will create big problems in near future. Perhaps, small mistakes what we do regularly are not getting noticed by anyone but once they get noticed, it will become difficult for us to manage things.

How to Stop Worrying?

Happy Life Without Worry

Best method for living life happily without worry is to enjoy each and every moment of life. We should always stay positive and should not lose hope. We should adapt changes. Sometimes we have to live with situation and other times we can make the situation favorable to us. People should learn how to handle worries.

Reduce Worry

Dr. Arvinder Singh (Human Intelligence, Creativity and Emotional Intelligence Trainer) has launched “EmotioHeights” training program through which people can easily learn emotional management. People can learn how to deal with negative emotions.

Conclusion for Overcoming Worries and Tensions:

  • Life challenges help in our growth. We have heard that success does not come easily. We need to face challenges to achieve success. Hence, we have to become problem solver and have to deal with worry. Problems will help us in identifying our inner strengths. For example, if British government had not rules India then Mahatma Gandhi who was a barrister could not fought for the country by identifying his strengths. He faced the problems and created solutions. In history, we can see many examples where a normal human being became the champion.
  • Proactive approach is better than reactive approach for overcoming worry. The problem’s seed which we sow today converts into big tree later.
  • We should stop worrying on things on which we have no control because we cannot do anything about them. We should stop worrying on things on which we have control because we can do something to solve the problems.

Overcome Worry

  • A person can bring happiness in life  and can reduce worry by maintaining healthy life style with positive attitude. A systematic and disciplined life is much better than problematic life. We should stop worrying and start living.
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Dr Arvinder Singh, Gold Medalist and national award winner is postgraduate medical doctor who owns hospital and diagnostic center. Along with his medical skills he is MBA Gold Medalist from IIM and Diploma from Oxford UK. He is passionate and works actively for Mind Body Fitness and believes that Mind Body Fitness is foundation stone for the person to be successful. He trains physical fitness, Intelligence enhancement, Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence. Dr Singh believes that fitness and intelligence must incorporate all above intelligence. He has invented and registered intelligence enhancement program awarded by government of India known as Seven Effective Thinking Patterns (SETP)
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