3D Aura Reading in India

3D Aura Reading in India

Dr. Arvinder Singh imported 3D aura reading technology from USA and brought it in India. Dr. Singh gave information about aura, chakras and energy centers in an event held at hotel Radisson Blu, Udaipur on ‘Teachers Day’. He told that it is very important that we give efforts in right direction so that we can achieve success easily. 3D aura reading technology has become a very popular technology in foreign countries for career guidance. Through this technology, it is possible to identify the skills, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, etc. By knowing these things, a person can select the right career option and can reach to the heights of the success.

3D Aura Reading in India by Dr Arvinder Singh

There are four major parameters that determine the success of a person. These success parameters are positive thinking, emotional mastery, regular practice, and positive energy. To know the presence of all these parameters, it is essential to analyze our energy body. 3D aura reading technology is very much helpful in analyzing the energy body clearly. We can easily know our skills, strengths, and energy blockages that are stopping us to achieve success. It is possible to see and measure the energy level of each of the seven chakras through this modern aura reading method. This technique is very sensitive. Hence, we can see the aura power and aura waves also. The person who has high aura power and smooth aura waves can influence others easily.

Each human being has a different aura because each person has different skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. 3D aura reading mainly beneficial in career selection. Dr. Arvinder Singh told about the seven aura colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. 3D aura reading also gives information about the personality type and career options for each aura color. People who select a career option according to their aura color can get success easily.

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