Accredited Mediator

Dr. Arvinder Singh is the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics, Udaipur (Rajasthan). He is an MBBS, MD and IIM gold medalist. Recently, Dr. Singh successfully completed 40 hours training program in mediation, negotiation including deal mediation conducted by Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM) at Cochin, India. Dr. Singh obtained accredited mediator certificate by the esteemed institute on 3rd August 2018. He is also pursuing a law degree.

Dr. Singh got 4.133 grade points out of 4 in law subject in IIM, Indore. He is already the internationally certified license instructor for problem-solving, creativity and decision-making by DeBono Academy, USA. Moreover, Dr. Singh also provides career counseling and relationship counseling services to people. Hence, his experience, knowledge of law and skills can help him to work for alternative dispute resolution. Dr. Singh has also received international business negotiator certificate by IIAM. As an accredited mediator, he will assist and guide people for peaceful resolution of conflict. He will also use his skills to discover the best solution to the problem and will give quick justice to people.

As an accredited mediator, his duties will be as under –

  • He will work as an accredited mediator in a fair and unbiased manner.
  • He will make reasonable inquiries to determine any potential conflicts.
  • As an accredited mediator, he will also maintain confidentially of the matter.

People can also freely discuss their personal and business disputes matter with him without any hesitation.  Dr. Arvinder Singh is already appointed as a legal advisor by Indian Medical Association. As a legal advisor, he is handling medico-legal matters such as medical malpractice, medical negligence, doctor’s criminal liability, etc. In the future, he will go on many national and international law training. Dr. Singh wants to use his knowledge and skills for the welfare of the society. People can take help of him to resolve conflicts in an easy manner.


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