International Negotiator and Accredited Mediator

International Business Negotiator & Accredited Mediator

Despite being a postgraduate medical doctor, Dr. Arvinder Singh has earned a good name in many fields such as creativity training, intelligence enhancement training, meditation training, etc. Dr. Singh topped the IIM, Indore and secured the gold medal. He scored highest marks in law subject. Dr. Arvinder Singh is also pursuing a law degree from esteemed university.  Indian Medical association Udaipur Chapter appointed him as a legal advisor. Recently, Dr. Singh got selected in Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM), which is one of the pioneer institutions in India. IIAM also offers alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services.

Dr Arvinder Singh  –  International Business Negotiator & Accredited Mediator

Now, Dr. Singh will work as a internationally trained commercial mediator. Knowledge of alternative dispute resolution will help him to solve the international business and commercial disputes.  Dr. Arvinder Singh tells that his main motive is to give quick justice to people and establish a peaceful society. He has done many courses related to counseling, negotiation, mind training, etc. Due to the knowledge of different fields, he can work as an effective accredited mediator and international business negotiator.

He has also expertise in analyzing, problem-solving and decision making. These skills will help him in dispute resolution.  Nowadays, there has been seen a significant growth in the use of mediation and alternative dispute resolution because parties can settle the dispute without going to the court with the help of a mediator. Dr. Singh tells that with the help of alternative dispute resolution, people can also save time and money. They can keep their disputes confidential.  Dr. Singh tells that being a certified international negotiator and mediator, he can help parties to solve the disputes in a peaceful way. By using his experience, knowledge and a wide range of skills, he will discover the best solution for each problem. Dr. Singh also tells that he will work for the welfare of the society.

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