Dr. Arvinder Singh With Deepika Padukone

With Actress Deepika Padukone

Deepika padukone is very popular in bollywood film industry. In India, She is one of the highest paid film actresses. She has attractive personality. She has millions of fans in India and also outside of India. Her fan list is so long. She is quite famous yet she is so humble. Previously, she was a badminton player and also played at national level. Later she became a fashion model.

Till today she has achieved various awards for her acting and for her brilliant performance. She did acting in many films and got worldwide recognition in just short span of time. Deepika padukone is also the originator of the Live Love Laugh Foundation. This foundation works to create mental health awareness among people.

It is dream of many persons to meet Deepika Padukone once in the life. Many famous celebrities came in an award ceremony. Dr Arvinder Singh was also invited to admire his works and efforts. He met with the popular and all rounder actress, Deepika Padukone in the function. First of all, she congratulated him for his achievements. She communicated with him and praised him for his success. Deepika also got inspired by the works of Dr Arvinder Singh. She also showed her interest in social works.

Dr Arvinder Singh with Deepika Padukone

The bollywood actress actively takes part in social works. Dr Arvinder Singh also gave introduction about intelligence enhancement tool – SETP. He explained about the benefits of the tool such as people can take effective decisions and can solve problems easily through it.

On the other hand, people can also use this International recognized Seven Effective Thinking Pattern tool to increase their intelligence level. He also gave introduction about the training programs that can help to acquire skills in just few days. Deepika padukone was very influenced by his vision, positive spirit and dedication.

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