Anemia Treatment Research Paper

Research Paper presentation in National Seminar

Anemia is disease in which blood contains lower red blood cells. The problem can also be occurred if red blood cells in blood do not contain hemoglobin (iron rich protein).  The red blood cells carry oxygen from lungs to other body parts. If the person is suffering from this problem then the body of the person does not get oxyzen rich blood. Hence, the person feels weak or tired.

Research paper on Anemia Treatment in National Seminar

The person may feel some other symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath, etc.  Severe anemia can also damage other parts of human body such as heart, lungs, brains, etc. Dr Arvinder Singh presented a research paper on how to examine anemia without injecting injection in bones. He is the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics and Raahat hospital.  He presented research paper in national seminar of Karnaka Pathologist association.

In the seminar he gave information about Kinetic Approach for anemia treatment. Doctors can easily identify the exact cause of the problem with the help of this approach. Doctors can also analyse reticulocyte and its different types by using this approach.  They can diagnose the problem easily by this modern technique. Dr Arvinder Singh was the only doctor from Rajasthan who took part in the national seminar and presented research paper. Now the persons with this disease can easily get rid off this problem.

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