Automation Technique

Speech on Automation Technique

Dr Arvinder Singh took part in conference organised at India’s leading medical college, Vellore. The academic council of the conference invited 42 pathologists from all over the country. Among all pathologists, Dr Arvinder Singh was the only doctor from Rajasthan.  In the conference, he presented lecture on automation technique. He elaborated the importance of automation technique and also explained that how this technique can provide benefits to medical world.

Benefits of Automation Technique

He introduced the benefits of digital and Nano technology. He also explained that how these technologies can be used to diagnose the disease at initial stage in the conference. Dr Arvinder Singh also presented his research papers in the conference. Many famous medical institutes such as AIIMS – Delhi, CMC – Vellore, PGI –Chandigarh were present. Heads of various esteemed colleges were available at the conference.

Dr Arvinder Singh told that with the help of automation technique doctors can easily identify the exact cause of the disease. They can work on the root cause of the problem and remove the problem from its root. Nano technology is latest field in science and technology. With the help of automation technique now doctors can also treat the diseases that previously were impossible or difficult to treat. He presented his complete research in the field and also gave many examples of automation technique.

All the members and other participants present in the conference hall also appreciated the efforts of Dr Arvinder Singh. The members asked various questions to him related to his research in digital and Nano technology field.

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