Appreciation Certificate for SETP Invention

Awarded for SETP Invention

According to the industries survey results, it has been found that today employers are hiring those people who have skills such as creativity, problem-solving, decision making, risk taking, emotional mastery, etc. Dr. Arvinder Singh has invented a unique tool “Seven Effective Thinking Patterns”. Dr. Singh tells that these important skills can be easily developed through SETP tool in a person of any age. Moreover, it is also possible to enhance the intelligence level of a person with the help of SETP tool.

Dr Arvinder Singh Got Award for SETP Invention

Dr. Singh was felicitated at national and international levels for SETP invention by esteemed authorities. He mainly used management and latest neuroscience concepts to develop this intelligence enhancement tool.

Dr. Arvinder Singh designed a 40 hours SETP training program. He gives surety that after attending the training, the operational intelligence level of a person will be increased from minimum 30 percent to maximum percent. He is also a licensed mind map trainer from an international platform. Dr. Singh has a rich experience in intelligence enhancement field. Dr. Singh also registered the SETP invention with Government of India. He also patented the tool.

Moreover, Dr. Singh developed intelligence measuring scale which is internationally approved by Psychological Corporation.  The researchers also tested the SETP tool on 250 persons and measured the intelligence level of people by the scale. They got wonderful results. They found that after attending the SETP training program, the thinking pattern of people had changed. The persons gave more creative, practical and effective solutions. The confidence level of people also got boosted up.

Dr. Singh tells that the SETP invention is effective for people, who want to learn effective decision making, positive thinking, emotional mastery, and creativity. Moreover, SETP tool is helpful for career selection and to achieve academic excellence. People of all age can get the benefits of the training. Dr. Singh also tells that the SETP training is especially beneficial for corporate people, students, and researchers.

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