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Ten Tools to Creative Genius Became Best Seller Book

Ten Tools to Creative Genius is classified as “Top 100 Best Seller Books” on Amazon. Dr. Arvinder Singh is the author of this book. This is the first book on creativity and human intelligence written by an Indian author. This book was launched in December 2017 and soon it became the preferred choice of readers. Thousands of copies of this book have been already sold out till today. The book has been given 57th rank among lakhs of books by various national and international authors and became best seller book 2018. Currently, this book is available in English version. However, soon this book will be available in other languages too.

Ten Tools to Creative Genius – Best seller Book

Dr. Arvinder Singh has written this book in very simplified and interesting manner. In this book, complex concepts have been explained in an easy way through various examples. Dr. Singh claims that with the help of this creativity book people can boost up creativity skill up to the maximum level. In this book, Dr. Singh has explained the mechanism of human mind. He has also introduced ten effective creativity tools to increase creativity skill. The readers liked the book very much and due to which in the just short period of time this book has become best seller book.

In the field of creativity development, he has also started ‘CreativeHeights’ training program. Dr. Singh is a certified creativity and mind map trainer. Apart from creativity training, Dr. Arvinder Singh has proficiency in many other fields. Moreover, Dr. Singh received various national and international awards for his motivational workshops and stress-free life style seminars. Dr. Singh says that Ten Tools to a Creative Genius book is particularly beneficial for corporate people. Today, at the time of high competition among industries, creativity is the most revolutionary skill to win the competition. Hence, a person can become creative thinker by solving the strategic exercises given in this best seller book.

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