Ten Tools to Creative Genius Became Bestseller Times Group Books

Bestseller Times Group Books

Dr. Arvinder Singh, who is a postgraduate medical doctor and a creativity trainer, wrote a book on creativity with the name of ‘Ten Tools to Creative Genius’. This innovative book got recognition at national and international level. In just short period of time the creativity book, Ten Tools to Creative Genius has been classified in the top 100 bestseller Amazon books and top bestseller times group books. This creativity book is easily available on digital platforms such as eCommerce sites (Amazon, Flipkart), kindle, etc.

Creativity skill has become the most needed skill in the corporate world. Nowadays, employers are hiring those people who are already creative because creative employees can give great ideas. Creative ideas are important for company’s growth and development.

Dr. Arvinder Singh has also gain popularity as creativity trainer. He has also started CreativeHeights training program to develop creativity in people. Dr. Singh has done many courses on creativity and mind training from national and international universities. He also has conducted many creativity workshops at different places in different countries. He has rich experience in this creativity field.

Ten Tools to Creative Genius – Best Seller Times Group Book

Ten Tools to Creative Genius became best seller Times Group Book because this book includes 10 important tools to encourage creativity in people. Dr. Arvinder Singh says that each creativity tool can help to generate as many creative ideas as possible. This creativity book is loaded with many examples.  These examples can help the reader to understand the concepts of the book.

Dr. Arvinder Singh has also invented creativity scale, which is internationally approved by Psychological Corporation. This creativity scale can measure creativity of people.  Hence, people can use this creativity scale to monitor their creativity performance.

Currently, this best seller times group book is available in simple English language. Hence, a person with average English knowledge can read this book and can increase creativity easily.

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