Felicitation by Bharatpur Medical Association

Felicitation by Bharatpur Medical Association

Dr. Arvinder Singh is the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics and Raahat hospital, Udaipur (Rajasthan), India.  He is an MBBS, MD, and IIM gold medalist.  The Japanese company Horiba invited Dr. Singh as a keynote speaker in Bharatpur Medical Association conference. Bharatpur Medical association felicitated Dr. Singh for his works and achievements in healthcare and social welfare fields. He gave a speech on modern medical technologies and their benefits in healthcare and diagnostics fields. Dr. Singh also talked about the need for quality control training for advanced medical equipment in the diagnostics centers and hospitals.

Dr. Arvinder Singh Gave Speech on Quality Control Training in Bharatpur Medical Association Conference

Doctors, pathologists and medical experts from various states attended the ‘Bharatpur Medical Association’ conference. The doctors asked the quality related problems they majorly face in the medical field and they also asked about the latest advanced medical equipment. Dr. Arvinder Singh told that modern medical machines have been developed that can accurately detect the major diseases such as blood infection, Malaria, Anemia, Cancer, etc. Regular training of lab technicians can help the diagnostic centers to maintain the quality and authenticity of the medical reports.  Dr. Arvinder Singh also discussed the modern quality control training and international medical standards.

Dr. Arvinder Singh talked about some advanced diagnostics equipment which can detect many diseases easily by using just one blood drop. He talked about the benefits of using such advanced diagnostics equipment in the hospitals and diagnostics centers. President of Horiba, India, the president of Bharatpur Medical association, many p consultant pathologists and doctors from various states were also present in the Bharatpur Medical Association conference. The members appreciated the speech of Dr. Arvinder Singh. Previously also Dr. Singh has become part of many national and international medical conferences as a keynote speaker.

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