Biofeedback Relaxation Method

Biofeedback Relaxation

Biofeedback relaxation is one of the best meditation methods. Dr Arvinder Singh has introduced interactive guided meditation, which is a biofeedback relaxation method, first time in India. Dr Singh collaborated with Unyte ( a Canadian company) and introduced guided meditation device iom2. This device makes the meditation interesting and engaging by measuring the biological responses. The user can also see the success score in meditation live on the screen. A person can become a meditation expert easily through the use of iom2 device.

Biofeedback Relaxation in India

In biofeedback relaxation, meditation software is installed on the devices such as a laptop, PC, tablets, Mobiles (Android and Mac). The person connects the biofeedback sensor to the body through an ear clip. The sensor measures the biological responses during meditation and also gives the success score on the output screen. The user can see the meditation score live on the screen and can follow the instructions given by the biofeedback relaxation device to reach to the new heights of meditation.

Moreover, The best part of this device is you get rapid results.  You can become calm and relaxed in just six minutes. You can do interactive anytime and anywhere. Hence you can make a routine of meditation easily. Interactive meditation is the combination of virtual reality, biofeedback technology, and entertaining games. Dr. Singh tells that in today’s era where most of the people have a busy schedule, they can do interactive meditation to maintain a healthy mind and the body. The price of this biofeedback relaxation device in a foreign market is approximately 50,000 Rupees. However, in the Indian market, Dr. Arvinder Singh has set half of this price for helping Indian population.

Corporate people and students can also use this biofeedback relaxation device to alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety.  A person can learn how to control breathing and can slow down the aging and oxidation processes. Interactive meditation also increases the immunity of the person.

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