Brain Enhancement Tool

Brain Enhancement Tool

All persons praise the work of genius but do you believe that a genius person has different brain structure? Or do you believe that god has given extra powers to the person? It is not like you are thinking. God has created every person in same manner. The person who uses intelligence properly becomes genius. Dr Arvinder Singh is working on brain enhancement field since long time. He introduced an intelligence enhancement program or tool with the name of SETP (Seven Effective Thinking Patterns).

Brain Enhancement Tool  – SETP

He prepared the brain enhancement tool by combining management studies and latest neuroscience. Government of India registered the tool and also provide patent to Dr Arvinder Singh. He told that many researchers have tested this tool and got effective results. Researchers measured the intelligence level of participants before training and after training with the help of measuring scale. After training results were greater than before training results. Dr Arvinder Singh also tested this tool with Dr Ajay kumar Chaudary on students and got effective results.

Dr Arvinder Singh also conducted workshop in Singapore on creativity and innovation. In the workshop, he gave training to participants with the help of brain enhancement tool – SETP. This tool can also be used for creativity development. He also received many awards at national and international level for the invention of brain enchantment tool.


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