Brain Training Program in LIC

Brain Training by SETP for Selling Skills in LIC

Life Insurance Corporation is a largest insurance company in India. The company has got worldwide popularity because of its excellent services. Dr Arvinder Singh, a popular motivator and mentor conducted brain training program in LIC. He took the session to teach essential selling skills to the employees of LIC. The ability of the marketing person mainly depends upon his selling skills.

Brain Training Program in LIC

Dr Arvinder Singh started the session by introducing the concept of selling. He explained that creativity is essential for selling. In the brain training session, he also disclosed some effective techniques to generate creative ideas. The marketing persons can formulate specific selling and marketing strategy by using creative ideas. Dr Arvinder Singh believes that each person have some unique creative skills. The person who finds the skills sooner becomes creative earlier. To explore the skills, the person has to think in different manner. In other words, it is also known as out of the box thinking or lateral thinking.

Dr Arvinder Singh also introduced some effective selling techniques in the brain training program. At the same time, he also introduced SETP tool (Seven Effective Thinking patterns). The person can enhance intelligence level with the help of this tool. SETP tool got approval from national and international authorities.

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