Business Today Featured Dr Arvinder Singh

Business Today Featured Dr. Arvinder Singh

The prestigious magazine business today featured Dr. Arvinder Singh (The CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics, Udaipur). The top 100 CEOs of India like Mukesh D. Ambani (CMD, Reliance Industries), Ajim Premji (CEO, Wipro), Varun Berry (MD, Britania Industries), etc. also got featured In this magazine. Dr. Arvinder Singh owns Arth Diagnostics center, which is South Rajasthan’s best clinical laboratory. Arth differentiates itself through its advanced diagnostic systems, highly skilled and qualified team, quality tests and good customer services. The success is built on previous experiences of Dr. Singh as the National Business Head and Vice President in Dr. Lal Path Labs and State Business Head for Piramal Diagnostics (Mumbai).

Let’s have a brief overview of Dr. Arvinder Singh’s profile given in Special Issue Business Today.

Dr. Arvinder Singh – Featured in Business Today

You can Change Your Destiny – Journey of Dr. Arvinder Singh is proof and validation of this statement. He is born in a middle-class family. He suffered from polio with 80% disability during his childhood. Yet despite all odds, his achievements are numerous and diverse. He is an MBBS, MD (Gold Medalist) and the only postgraduate doctor in India to have received a gold medal for his MBA from IIM (Indore). He holds a diploma from Oxford University (UK). Dr. Singh is also pursuing law courses from National Law University, Banglore.

He has a special interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which involves facilitating out of court settlements. He is a certified Commercial Grade Mediator, Business Negotiator, and Arbitrator. Dr. Arvinder Singh has recently published a book ‘Doctors and Law’, focusing on rights and duties of healthcare professionals and patients. He is also affiliated as an Associate Arbitrator to Chartered Institute of Arbitrator, London (UK).

Alongside his illustrious medical career, another area of his interest is to predict human potential and career guidance. He uses techniques like 3D Aura Reading which scientifically charts the Chakras Energy, Aura Power, Emotion Meter, etc. These parameters, when combined with proper psychometric analysis, can reliably predict and help in career and peak performance achievement. He is also a certified coach who can guide the path to success in a customized manner. He has received a National Award for his work on intelligence Enhancement and has also published a book with Times Group on the subject “Ten Tools to Creative Genius” which was among the top 100 Amazon bestsellers in India.

When asked about his advice to young entrepreneurs, the doctor says “It is important to spend time with consent. Spend a week or so with yourself and find out what do you want to achieve in life, what are your goals and write them down as writing them gives confirmation to our conscious mind. Create a smart goal along various aspects like financial goals, physical goals, and adventurous goals, cover every aspect and feed your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body. Balancing all four aspects brings more happiness and peace. Moreover, such practice results in a more fulfilled life.”

For his illustrious work and achievements, Dr. Singh has received a number of awards prominent among them being the Young Entrepreneur Award, Business Leader Award, Most Promising Brand Award, Icon of Mewar, and also a National Award by Psychologists Forum and Rajasthan Government for Human Intelligence.

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