Cancer Treatment

Dr Arvinder Singh shared his experiences in medical field in national alliance meet. The meeting was organised by Horiba, a Japanese company at Hyderabad. In the meet, He also presented his health care research papers. Dr Arvinder has presented many researches at both national and international levels. He also talked about cancer and other infections and provided effective solution for the diseases.

Automatic Machine for Cancer Treatment

In the national alliance meet, he elaborated that early diagnose is essential for proper treatment of the disease.  He told that it is important to detect the problem at initial stage to provide effective solution to the patient. Doctors can easily treat the disease and patients have to pay very low cost for treatment.

He also introduced advanced automatic machine – Yumizen that can provide accurate solution of the problem. The machine can find the abnormality at a very initial stage and diagnose cancer and other infections with the help of latest technologies such as impedance, cytochemistry and flow chemistry. It gives special alarm signal for infection cells and cancer.  Dr Arvinder Singh and Dr Dharav evaluated the machine at Udaipur and Mumbai Center.

Dr Arvinder Singh expressed his views about cancer and its effective treatment methods. He also shared some common symptoms of blood cancer and other infections in blood. Dr Jai Hakhu (chairman) and Dr Rajeev Gautam (manager) of Horiba also shared their views about the machine – Yumizen. In the meeting, more than 150 persons were present. The members gave positive feedback and also appreciated the speech of Dr Arvinder Singh. Many members purchased the machine after the meeting.


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