Learn Life Skills Through Cinema

Cinema Event by Rotary Club

Nowadays many students are struggling with various problems such as lack of creativity, academic pressure, communication problem, stress handling problem, excessive anger, relationship problem, etc.  If the student has right skills then he can manage all these problems easily. To teach necessary skills, LXL Ideas has introduced new concept “Life Skills learning through school cinema. Dr. Arvinder Singh has become partner of LXL Ideas for Rajasthan. Now with his help people of any age can learn various life skills easily through cinema.

Cinema Event By Rotary Club

It is truth that cinema has a big impact in our life. We learn both good and bad things from films. Many youths follow the style of their favorite actors and actresses. People like to see movies. They appreciate the stories. They learn various things from film stories. It is difficult to remember book concepts for long time. However, we easily remember film stories. Hence we do not need to put more efforts in learning through cinema.

Cinema can be used to educate people as people learn things quickly from films. Researchers have proved that brain gives more attention on creative thing like stories. After deep research the production team of LXL ideas has created certain films, which can motivate people to adapt right attitude, value and skills.  People can learn essential skills such as problem solving, decision making, creativity, stress handling, good communication, time management, environment awareness, etc. In the film module age specific films are available. These films teach important thing at right age.

On Children’s day Rotary club Udaipur is going to organize grand complimentary event with the help of Dr. Arvinder Singh (president of Rotary Club). In the event around 3000 students will take part from class 9th to 12th. Commercially 500 rupees is charged per student. However, the club will not charge any amount on children’s day.



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