Dr Arvinder Singh Gave Clinical Laboratory Costing Presentation in National Conference

Clinical Laboratory Costing Presentation in National Conference

Dr. Arvinder Singh gave a presentation on clinical laboratory costing in the first national conference of the Forum of Practicing Pathologists, Jaipur. Many doctors, clinicians, pathologists and owners of clinical laboratory from different states took part in the conference. Dr. Singh was invited as a keynote speaker at the national conference. He talked about clinical laboratory costing and how to reduce the cost of laboratory tests without compromising the quality.

Clinical Laboratory Costing Presentation by Dr. Singh

Dr. Arvinder Singh is the MBA (Gold Medalist) from IIM. He owns Arth diagnostics center in Udaipur, which is one of the best clinical laboratories in Rajasthan. Arth diagnostics is known for its quality tests, advanced technology, highly skilled team, and good customer services. Dr. Singh said that by adhering the right financial costing method for laboratory services, a clinical laboratory can give high-quality services to customers at a low cost. He explained the need and role of good clinical laboratory system for being the best clinical laboratory. He also explained an effective costing method for calculating the cost of laboratory services.

Moreover, Dr. Singh also explained the concept of a laboratory quality management system in the national conference. He talked about different laboratory quality standards. Dr. Singh also gave information about different costing parameters such as direct cost, indirect cost, fixed cost, variable cost, etc. He has been awarded at state and national level for his work achievements.

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