Mewar Health Care Achievers Award for Conceptual Creativity

Award for Conceptual Creativity

Dr Arvinder Singh who is a postgraduate medical doctor and also MBA from the prestigious college IIM, has given revolutionary contribution in creativity and human intelligence development. He has invented scales for measuring creativity, problem-solving and decision-making, which are internationally approved by Psychologist Corporation. Dr Singh has also published book on conceptual creativity with the name of Ten Tools to Creative Genius. It is the first book on creativity written by Indian author. In this book, he has introduced 10 powerful creativity tools. By practicing each tool and by solving strategic exercises, a person can take creativity and intelligence to the extreme level.

Mewar Healthcare Achievers Award for Conceptual Creativity

Conceptual Creativity is a concept that helps in discovering new ways to deal with important challenges. In current scenario, conceptual creativity works as main source of business innovation.

In spite of being a doctor he is working for creativity and intelligence enhancement. He got ‘Mewar Healthcare Achievers 2018’ for his works in conceptual creativity.  Dr Singh received this prominent award in prestigious award ceremony. In the award function, he elaborated the importance of creativity in human life.

Dr Singh has also invented operational intelligence enhancement tool with the name of ‘Seven Effective Thinking Patterns’. He received awards at national and state level for this invention. Dr Arvinder Singh is also the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics (South Rajasthan’s best equipped laboratory). In just short period of time, the diagnostic center has become popular. Advance diagnostic services, international equipments and continuous innovation are the major factors behind its success. Dr Singh also encourages team members to improve their creativity.

Dr Singh got various awards for his contribution in medical science, intelligence, conceptual creativity, education and social welfare. He also provides training for creativity and mind intelligence enhancement. He did courses related to mind training and creativity from esteemed foreign universities.

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