Creative Session with Simple Living High Thinking Group

Session with Simple Living High Thinking Group

Dr Arvinder Singh takes part in various social welfare programs. Being a doctor he provides best health care services to patients. In 1999, he started Amolak Diagnostics in Udaipur and in 2013, he started Arth Diagnostics. Latest medical equipment and technologies are used in the Arth Diagnostics centre, for the best treatment of patients. Dr Arvinder Singh conducts various training programs to share the knowledge with others. Although he is a doctor but he also works as health care counselor, education counselor, motivator and trainer. Simple Living High Thinking Group gave him award for his work achievements. He also conducted a creative session with Simple Living High Thinking Group.

Creative Session with Simple Living High Thinking Team

In the session, He mainly talked about creativity and its requirement in human life. Dr Arvinder Singh stated that a creative person can discover unique path to get success easily. In the creative session with Simple Living High Thinking (SLHT), he also disclosed the tips to become creative. With the help of the tips an average person can easily become creative without putting much effort.

Dr Arvinder Singh got many awards from national and international authorities for his creative session. He also received numerous certificates, appreciation letters and awards for his great contribution in the field of social service, health care service, education service, training and public welfare. Dr Arvinder Singh is the person who did not accept the great opportunity of high salary package. He wanted to provide his services for the welfare of the nation.

When he was doing MBA from IIM, Indore at that time he rejected the offer big salary package offer of  Royal Victoria Hospital, United Kindom. He wanted to give right skills to youth of India that can help in country’s growth. For this mission, Dr Arvinder Singh organises creative session at many places so that maximum persons can attend the session and can get benefit from it.

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