Creativity Book on International Kindle Store

Creativity Book on International Level

Ten Tools to Creative Genius, a book on creativity and human intelligence is now available on international kindle store. This book will be available in digital format in different countries such as America, United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle East, etc. With the help of kindle reading apps this creativity book will also be accessible on computer, tablet and mobiles. On Amazon kindle store it is available in only $3.49 (237 Rupees). This book is available in digital format on amazon kindle store hence any person across the globe can access this book easily and can enhance creativity skill.

Ten Tools to Creative Genius is on International Kindle Store

Dr. Arvinder Singh says that the strategic exercises mentioned in this book will help people to understand the tools. A person can pick up any of the tools and can generate as many creative ideas as possible. Previously, Dr. Singh has also won many prestigious awards at national and international levels. Other than Amazon Kindle Store, Ten Tools to Creative Genius is also available on other e -commerce sites such as Amazon, flipkart, etc. On Amazon this creativity book has been classified in top 100 best seller books. This book got 57th rank among lakhs of books at national level.

Ten Tools to Creative Genius is written in simple English language, hence, any person with average English knowledge can read this book easily. On Amazon Kindle store, the price of this creativity book is very low hence it is also affordable to all. Dr Arvinder Singh is also popular as creativity trainer. He has done creativity training courses from esteemed national and international universities. Dr Singh has conducted many creativity workshops at different places to enhance creativity skill in people. He has also introduced creativity scale which is internationally approved by Psychologist Corporation. This scale helps to measure creativity of the person.


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