Seminar on Intelligence Enhancement, Decision Making and Creativity

Seminar on Creativity and Decision Making

In life the person has to deal with many challenges. Some critical skills such as problem solving, creativity, decision making, etc. help the person to face the complexity of the life. Dr Arvinder Singh, who mainly belongs to medical profession also got popularity as creativity trainer, intelligence trainer, motivational trainer, problem solving and decision making trainer.

Seminar on Creativity, Decision Making and Intelligence Enhancement

Dr Arvinder Singh took an interactive motivational session in a seminar in Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth University. The seminar was organised by department of social work. Dr. Sunil and Dr. Sanjiv were faculty members who coordinated complete event. They invited Dr Arvinder Singh to take the session so that students can knowabout essential skills. In the seminar, he talked about creativity, decision making and intelligence enhancement.

Dr Arvinder Singh also gave information about the effective operational intelligence tool – Seven Effective Thinking patterns. He told that students can get high salary package only when if they have the critical skills. In current competitive conditions, a person can only beat the competition by his skills. Employers are also looking for capable candidates who can work for the growth of the organisation. The person cannot meet the expectation of employers without having skills.

Dr Arvinder Singh demonstrated effective methods by which the students can easily get essential skills. He said that in life the person has to take many decisions. One wrong decision can spoil a lot. Hence the person should learn effective decision making skill. Creativity and intelligence skills help the person to achieve success in life.

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