Creativity Trainer

Dr Arvinder Singh presenting the Book with Chrish Griffith

People face challenges in their day to day lives. They have to find solutions to deal with those challenges. GRASP is a popular book that helps to discover effective solutions of the problems. The person, who provides effective solutions can become innovator and can also work as leader. Dr Arvinder Singh is a popular creativity trainer. In spite of being a doctor he did great work in intelligence development.

Chris Griffiths is the author of the popular book – GRASP. This book has showed differences between a leader and a follower. This book is a straightforward guide that helps to make effective decisions. Particularly, to get effective solutions the person has to think creatively. In the book many concepts are available to encourage creative thinking.

Creativity Trainer

With the help of creativity trainer like Dr. Arvinder Singh, the person can learn problem solving skills. Through brainstorming the person can get new and innovative ideas easily. The person has to find relation between problem and its solution.

Although, this task is not very simple but it is also not impossible. First of all, the person has to analyze the problem properly. On the other hand the person should use his experiences and knowledge to discover effective solution. Dr Arvinder Singh focuses on creative thinking skills. He believes that each person has capability to do miracles. The person should use own strengths, skills and abilities to face problems. In other words, the person can easily deal with challenges by appropriately using his skills and abilities.

As an creativity trainer, Dr. Arvinder Singh took various motivational and learning sessions to teach essential skills to people. He believes that innovative thinking is not a magic. By using appropriate training methods, people can learn this skill easily. He met with Chris Griffiths in a function and Chris Griffiths presented GRASP book to him.

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