Creativity Training Program in Singapore

Creativity Training Program

Creativity is an essential skill and the person must have this skill for solving complex problems. The person can learn creative skills by adopting systematic approach.  Creative thinking also helps in effective decision making. In life, the person has to take various decisions. Therefore, the person has to think out of the box to take the most appropriate decision.  Dr Arvinder Singh, a creative trainer and motivator organised a creativity training workshop in Singapore. He gave creative training program through the patented tool SETP (Seven Effective Thinking Patterns).

He stated that in current situation competition is increasing day by day. To deal with competition the person must have creativity skills and innovative thoughts. The person can acquire creative thinking skills by getting systematic training on creativity development. Hence, The person will get unique ideas when he will think creative. In the creativity training workshop, he introduced internationally approved measuring scale. He also introduced various idea generation techniques in the workshop such as random word association, radiant thinking and provocation operation, etc.

Creativity Training Program

Dr Arvinder Singh received gold medal by the famous institute, IIM for his achievements. He conducted many motivational sessions and training sessions at various places to spread his knowledge and learning among others. Therefore he got worldwide popularity through his efforts. He mainly gives focus on mind training and development. In the workshop, he elaborated that the person can improve brain functions and can increase productivity. First of all, the person should try to think in different manner.

To generate creative ideas the person should try to explore all possible solutions of the problem. The person has to deal with many challenges and creative thinking is the only way to deal with challenges accordingly.  He told that only through bookish knowledge, the person cannot learn creativity. Therefore the person has to apply knowledge and experience to generate ideas. In the creativity training workshop, each participant appreciated seven effective thinking pattern tool and also appreciated Dr Arvinder Singh for his motivational speech.

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