Creativity Training Program

Creativity Training Program at Vedanta

People are familiar with the name Hindustan Zinc Limited. This is world’s second largest Zinc producer company. The company also produces Zinc, Silver, Lead and Cadmium. The company organises various workshops every year for the benefits of employees and public. Dr Arvinder Singh conducted creativity training program at Vedanta. Creativity and innovation was the main topic of the program. All the employees of Hindustan Zinc took part in the program.

Creativity Training Program

First of all, Dr Arvinder Singh introduced the concept of creativity to the employees in the creativity training program. Specially, he gave major emphasis on creativity development in employees so that they can give effective output. In the program he introduced the techniques of creativity development. He stated that people can easily learn creativity skills by giving efforts in right direction.

He also elaborated that in life a person has to select one option from two. Either the person can run away from the challenges or he can face the problems by using creative ideas. Dr Arvinder Singh discovered the tool Seven Effective Thinking Pattern by his innovative thinking. In spite of being in medical profession he conducts many training programs. He organised training programs such as creativity development program, intelligence enhancement program, emotional intelligence development program, weight management program, etc.

During the creativity training program, he emphasised on the requirement of genius creativity training and intelligence enhancement. In the program he stated that people see creativity and intelligence as a God gift, however he believes that these skills people can easily learn through proper training. With the help of SETP tool he demonstrated that an average mind person can get the level of a genius person.

Creative thoughts can help people to deal with complex situations. In other words the person and generate, evaluate and implement creative ideas to solve problems in simple manner.

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