Creativity Training Workshop at Vedanta

Creativity Training Workshop at Hindustan Zinc Limited, Udaipur

Dr Arvinder Singh thinks that whether people believe it or not but each person is creative by nature. He believes that creative thinking is one of the most essential skills, on which human beings can get monopoly. Every person wants to have this skill so that they can generate unique ideas. Dr Arvinder Singh is a certified licence instructor for creativity by De Bono Thinking Academy, USA. He conducted creativity training workshop at Hindustan Zinc Limited to give information about creativity and innovation.

Creativity Training Workshop at Hindustan Zinc Limited

All employees of Hindustan Zinc Limited (Vedanta) took part in the workshop. Every year the company conducts various workshops for the wellbeing of its employees. In the creativity training workshop, Dr Arvinder Singh talked about creativity, creative skills, creativity generation methods and also explained how a person can become creative easily. He clarified the myth that creativity is god gift. Dr Arvinder Singh told that by giving proper efforts in right direction the person can learn creative skills easily.

In the creativity training workshop, he also suggested that the person should always get ready to accept challenges. Running away from problems is not a solution. Dr Arvinder Singh believes that each person has a capability that he can discover the solution of the problem. If the person has creative skills then he can generate effective creative ideas to deal with the problem.

In the training program, Dr Arvinder Singh also gave introduction about Seven Effective Thinking patterns tool. This effective tool works for intelligence enhancement.  He stated that the person can discover hidden creative skills with the help of this tool. SETP tool is developed after extensive research. With this tool the person can also increase the intelligence level. The person can become creative by getting proper training. In the creativity training workshop, he also demonstrated some simple and effective techniques to become creative in just short period of time.

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