Creativity Workshop

Creativity Workshop to Increase Mind Power

Excellent intelligence level is important to achieve success in life. Creativity skill helps in increasing intelligence level. Dr Arvinder Singh is CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics. It is one of the best diagnostics centres in which all the modern facilities are available. Today business owners hire the persons who can show creativity in the work for the growth of the business. Creativity people find new ways to execute the task. However, many persons do not know the importance of creativity. But the person can easily learn the skill with the help of creativity workshop.

Creativity Workshop in Birla Sun Life Insurance

Dr Arvinder Singh also works as creative trainer. He conducted creativity workshop in Birla Sun Life Insurance Company to demonstrate creativity learning methods. The creativity training workshop was organised in hotel Radisson. In the workshop he motivated the employees by providing them right guidance. He said that employees should balance emotional intelligence and mind intelligence level to get career growth and to get good salary. Emotional intelligence helps to make the person emotionally strong where mind intelligence helps to think creative ideas.

Each person wants to get growth in life. Therefore, a person does not want to remain at the same position or at the same level in the organisation even after long period of time. The person has to show his creativity so that he can get fast career growth. In the creativity workshop, Dr Arvinder Singh disclosed effective creative methods to become creative easily. He also gave information about SETP (Seven Effective Thinking patterns). He invented this tool to increase operational intelligence level in people. This tool got approval from National and International authorities.

He also elaborated that mind thinks from different perspectives such as emotional, positivity, negativity, data collection, planning, etc. The person can easily increase creativity level by right guidance of experts.

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