Decision Making Seminar

Art of Decision Making

The person has to take many crucial decisions in life. Future is dependent on past decisions. The Decisions have the major impact as the important decisions can transform the lives of the person completely. Decision making is a cognitive process in which a person takes the best decision from all the available alternatives after considering various points. Dr. Arvinder Singh conducted Art of decision making seminar in College of Technical education. All the faculty members of the college took part in the seminar.

Decision Making Seminar in CTE

Dr Arvinder Singh,  as a motivational speaker told that teachers have the huge responsibility, as they provide guidance to students and help them in shaping their future. He introduced the concept of whole brain thinking and also suggested to faculty members that they should take the best decision by balancing heart and the mind.

In the seminar of how to take decisions, Dr Arvinder Singh also gave information about seven effective Thinking patterns tool. He told that there are various parameters such as factual data collection, emotional intelligence, and critical analysis affect decision making skill of the person. The person has to learn how to use all the parameters effectively.

In the art of decision-making seminar, more than hundred teachers took part. The faculty members asked their queries to directly Dr Arvinder Singh. The members appreciated his motivational speech and also shared their views with him. Dr Arvinder Singh also gave them some effective tips for effective decision making.

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