Double Your Memory

Double Your Memory in Just One Hour

A sharp memory is important for everyone.  Names, information, events, facts, dates and others things are stored in human memory. If you have good memory then you do not have to fear of misplacing and forgetting important stuffs.  Sharp mind and good intelligence help in achieving success in both professional and personal life.

Double Your Memory

Dr Arvinder Singh is popular as creativity and intelligence trainer. He is the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics and Raahat Hospital. Dr Arvinder Singh conducted workshops at many places for intelligence enhancement and creativity development. He introduced an intelligence enhancement tool – SETP (Seven Effective Thinking Patterns).

Dr Arvinder Singh tested this tool with other researchers on many persons and got effective results. This tool can also work for memory enhancement. Indian Menopause society organised the workshop in Geetanjali Medical College, Udaipur and invited Dr Arvinder Singh to take the session. In the interactive workshop, Dr Arvinder Singh explained various methods and techniques to enhance brain power of the person in just short period of time.

In the seminar he described many benefits of SETP tool.  Dr Arvinder Singh developed this tool after long time research in intelligence development field. He also suggested that people should adapt healthy lifestyle to improve brain power naturally. Dr Arvinder Singh also disclosed the technique to use the brain properly. He told that people should do some mental exercises to improve mind power. Some natural foods such as walnuts, eggs, blueberries, almond, avocado, broccoli, etc. provide support to the brain. People should take these foods to enhance memory naturally.

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