Dr. Singh Has Become Arbitrator

Dr.  Arvinder Singh cleared the exam of “Associated Arbitrator of Charted Institute of Arbitrators, London with 87 percentage. He is the first medical doctor from north India and the second doctor from India, who have qualified the exam and has become an arbitrator. Charted Institute Of Arbitrators is the famous institute in the arbitration field. The institute has around 150 branches all over the world. Dr. Arvinder’s name will get published in all the branches. He can work as an arbitrator in all the countries.  He attended training conducted on arbitration and mediation by Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation held at Cochin.

Dr Arvinder Singh – North India’s First Doctor Arbitrator

Now, Dr. Singh is eligible to solve the legal matters of the medical field as an arbitration judge. According to Indian law “Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996” which is inspired by International New York Convention, an arbitrator has been given the powers of a private judge. The judgment of an arbitrator is valid in courts.

Moreover, Dr. Singh is also doing LLB from an esteemed law university and he is leading towards arbitration field. Dr. Singh is also doing a postgraduate diploma in specialized medical law from India’s best National Law University, Banglore. Dr. Singh will give legal advice in medico-legal matters to many communities such as Indian Medical Association, Medical Practitioner Society, Rajasthan Medical College Teachers Association and Resident Doctors Association. He is also appointed as a legal advisor by Indian Medical Association. His knowledge and also experience in different fields will help him to work as an expert mediator, arbitrator, legal advisor, and private judge.

In the current era, arbitration is the best, easy, cost-effective and also time-saving method to solve legal matters.  Dr. Singh says that the legal cases against doctors are increasing rapidly and many innocent doctors suffer due to no law knowledge. Dr. Arvinder Singh will work to give fast justice to the people. He will mainly work for the welfare of the society. With the help of Dr. Singh, people can also get a fast solution without becoming the part of the lengthy court procedures. As an arbitrator, Dr. Singh will also resolve and settle commercial disputes and consumer disputes.

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