Dr Arvinder Singh as Fitness Trainer

Dr Arvinder Singh on Doctors Day

Doctors play a very prominent role in the society. They spend most of their time with patients and handle complex cases. They treat patients and help the patient to come out of stress or depression. Doctors give hope to the patients and patients rely on doctors completely for their treatment. Doctors handle many cases in a day and in spite of that they remain stress-free and keep a charming smile on their face. On Doctors day, Dainik Bhaskar gave an article on lifestyle of famous doctors of Udaipur. Dr. Arvinder Singh, the CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics, who is in medical profession for many years has shared his fitness tips with people. Dr Singh has conducted many fitness camps at many places as a fitness trainer.

He is 46 years old. He has polio since he was eight months old. Dr Singh is the person who has defeated his disability with his enthusiasm, positivity and intellect. Dr. Arvinder Singh has become role model for many people. He has treated thousands of patients. He also gives health and fitness counseling to people as a fitness trainer.

Dr Arvinder Singh as a Fitness Trainer

Dr Singh shared that he follows a healthy lifestyle. He does exercises, meditation and yoga daily and also takes healthy diet. He is following the healthy routine from past 25 years.

Dr Singh tells that healthy routine keeps him stress-free, energetic, happy and fit. Dr Arvinder Singh is also an interactive meditation trainer. He has brought a new concept of interactive meditation in India. Dr. Arvinder Singh tells that people should also take care of their health. Meditation is a powerful technique to stay healthy. As a fitness trainer, he suggests that people should do meditation to stay calm and relaxed and they should eat nutritious food.

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