Drawing Competition With Bhaskar

Drawing Competition with Bhaskar

With the joint efforts of  Dainik Bhaskar, Arwana Mall and Arth Diagnostics a drawing competition was held 16th May, 2018. The drawing competition was based on a special theme – Mothers’ Day Special. Children aged between 5 to 14 took part in this competition. The drawing competition event started at Arwana Mall, at Hathipole on 9:30 A.M. Children are divided into 3 groups – Group A (5-7 age), Group B (8-11 age) and Group C (12-14 age). In addition laptops, Tablets, Mini-Tablet, 10 Runner up prizes and appreciation certificates are given to the children.  The chief guests of this drawing competition were the Hasan Paliwala  and Fatima Paliwala (Directors of Arwana Mall) and Dr. Arvinder Singh (CEO and CMD of Arth Diagnostics).

Drawing Competition with Bhaskar

In the drawing competition the children showed their love and affection for their mothers through drawing.  Moreover, Dr. Singh said that drawing competition is the best way to increase creativity and boost healthy competition among children. On the other hand Dr. Singh also gave his opinion on the good and bad effects of growing use of internet and technology on children. Many parents told that their children spend most of their time in watching TV and playing with gazettes. Dr. Singh said that in current era it is not possible for parents to keep their children away from internet and television. On the other hand, children will become offensive if the parents become strict to them.

Dr. Singh gave effective advice to parents. He said that Parents should teach positive use of technology to their children and also tell their children to visit good sites. Hence, by this children can  enhance their knowledge and also boost their motivation.

In the drawing competition event, Dr. Arvinder Singh also gave information about the popular module ‘Life Skills Training through Cinema ‘.  This is a unique concept. In this module many motivational movies are available through which children can learn essential life skills.

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