Dr Arvinder Singh Got Featured in India Today

Featured in India Today

Dr. Arvinder Singh got featured in the March issue of India Today, Hindi Edition of Rajasthan. This is a leading news magazine in India. It covers important local, regional and national news. Dr. Singh has earned popularity at a national level. He is a man built on self-confidence, self-motivation and zeal for excellence. His story can inspire and build confidence to attain greatness in life. March issue of India Today published the inspiring story of Dr. Arvinder Singh.

Dr. Arvinder Singh is born in a middle-class family. He was suffered from polio when he was just 8 months old. 80 percent of his body was affected by polio. Hence, he had to face extreme difficulty in many steps of his life. However, the difficulties did not stop him from achieving his life goals. Success in different fields was the result of his self-trust, positive thinking and dedication.

Dr Arvinder Singh Featured in India Today

Dr. Arvinder Singh is the MBBS, MD (gold medalist) and he is the only doctor from India who has secured gold medal from IIM (Indore). Furthermore, he did a certified online tutoring diploma course from Oxford University (UK). Currently, he is doing a law degree from National Law University, Banglore.

He is particularly interested in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which involves facilitating dispute settlements outside of court. He is also a certified Mediator, Business Negotiator and Arbitrator of Commercial Grade. Recently, Dr. Arvinder Singh published a book ‘ Doctors and Law,’ which focuses on the rights and duties of healthcare professionals and patients. This is a short medical law book.

Moreover, he is also interested in predicting human potential and career guidance. He uses advanced technology like 3D Aura Reading that gives scientific information such as Chakras Energy, Aura Power, Emotion Meter, etc. These parameters can reliably predict many information and assist in career and peak performance achievement. He is also a certified international coach who can guide people to achieve success. For his work on intelligence enhancement, he has received State Award and National Award and has also published a book with Times Group on the topic “Ten Tools to Creative Genius,” which was classified among the top 100 bestsellers in India.

In India Today, Dr. Singh especially gave emphasis on goal setting in life. He told about SMART goal setting. Dr. Singh has received a number of prominent awards for his illustrious work and achievements including the Young Entrepreneur Award, the Business Leader Award, the Most Promising Brand Award, the Mewar Icon, and also the National Award for Human Intelligence by the Psychologists Forum and the Rajasthan Government.

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